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Parents are not only using GPS car tracker these days, they have started tracking kids using GPS tracker for kids of different kinds. If using GPS car tracker to track your cars plays an important role in securing your vehicle from theft, what else would you use to track your kids when you are away from homes? Monitoring kids while at work directly from home isn’t possible without using security camera or GPS tracker for kids.

As it were, you can easily track your kids activities on your Android device using GPS tracker for kids on your Android device all the way from your place of work while having you and your kids location service enabled.

The gps app tracker for kids makes life so simple for those that uses it. Just like monitoring your car with tracking device and you will be sure of tracking your vehicle is possible if snatched from you.

We all know how gps for tracking cars or vehicles works, so also is GPS apps for Android users to easily track their kids at home, in school and even during vacation. What the GPS does is that it gives you a hint of the location of your kids just like it does for car tracker using tracking device.

The kid tracking app is useful for nursing mother with kids at a very tender age that would love to monitor every of the kids activities without infringing the kids privacy.

A car with vehicle tracking system is very difficult to do away with without the consent of the owner. When using vehicle tracking device, you will be at rest that at least your device is safe and secure, so also is the case of GPS tracking app for kids will definitely put your kids under your control.

The idea is, if you are using Android smartphone, this post will benefits you and makes it easy to track your kids while away from your scene. This can also be likened to a gps phone tracker, but its utilities can be far above gps phone tracker, nevertheless, we are going to take a look at different and most used gps tracker for kids to put your kids under surveillance with the help of Android app.

Note that this post is not for parent to infringe their kids privacy, rather to help them put their kids under surveillance with the help of free gps tracker for kids on Android.

More so, we aren’t going to consider paid gps tracker in this article. Although, it worth considering since we are monitoring our children, then we should be able to afford anything to make sure they are safe but as well to minimize cost, however, we will not only give our best location tracker for kids but we will also explain how to do tutorial on how to set up the location tracker successfully for your kids.

GPS tracker for kids

Free GPS Tracker for Kids You Should Try to Use

The GPS phone tracker for my kids are the one have practically used and still using as at the time of compiling this post. This tracking app was also set up on my neighbor’s smartphone to help him monitor his children once they are about moving away from his location.

So are you can rest assured that is one the best tracking app that you can use on your Android device to best put your kids location under surveillance.

Family Locator & Safety

Family locator & safety is an actually a premium and free kids location tracker with a user friendly interface. Very easy to set and easy to use. What the children track app does is that it lets you stay connected to friends and family in a specific locations. When they leave and arrives at the preset location.

Once install the app and set the location you want to monitor on the app, you can begin to monitor those that you added to the group you created.

Since you are so much concern about your kids, then you are expected to add you kids to the list of your family member you want to put under surveillance at a specific area.

Let quickly walk ourselves through how to use family locator & safety Android app to track your kids or family at a specific location.

How to Track Kids Location with Family Locator & Safety

Like I said earlier that this Android app is very easy to use and friendly user interface. Below is a step by step procedure I followed to set up and monitor my family, kids with smartphone around inclusive.

1. Download and install family locator & safety app to your Android device first

2. Once you launched the app, you will be prompt to enter you mobile number. Meanwhile, you have to select your country code first from the drop down menu in front of where to enter your mobile number and fill your profile on the next page, then click on the approve mark at the top right. A verification code will be sent to your number, so make sure to use valid and available number.

Note: You may add your birth day but it’s not important…

3. Create your first group by entering the name of the group and upload group picture (Optional)

4. Send invitation to your group member via their mobile number. Since you mainly want to track your kids location, then invite your kids and let your kids install the app on their device.

5. A new pop up will come up for you to add your group place. Fill in where you really want to put under surveillance and the click next.

6. To activate your location monitor on your device, activate location service on your device

7. Create the area you want to put under monitor. If you are monitoring a specific area, search for the location on the map and next your settings. It’s advisable to set your kids location as this location for proper surveillance you know.

8. Next enter your own location and click on save button to proceed

9. Then, let you kids accept your invitation and enable location service your kids Android phone to be able to monitor your kids current location with this locator.

And whenever you children moves out of the set location, you will be notified by GPS tracker for kids Android app.

Note: For you to be able to use GPS track for kids such as this app to track your kids location, ensure your kids always enable location service and that data connection is always enable.

With this app, you can use GPS tracker for kids to monitor your children’s location without living your office.

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