How Secure is Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Masking a different IP to your location is what virtual private network (vpn) does to your IP. But the question is how secure is virtual private network connection you are connected to?

Once you have established a connection between your local network with a virtual private network you connected to, the next thing to do is check whether the VPN is secure or not. If the vpn is not secure, that means you anonymous activities is revealed and you are unable to mask your IP to your prefer location as you wanted to.

A fully secure virtual private network connection gives you 100% anonymity online. Your activities online will be fully hidden without a trace.

Also, a vpn secure level sometimes depends on the type of vpn connection you are using. Some vpn connection offers the best internet secure connection while some does a little. So, if are so much concern on how to secure you vpn connection, this post is for you.

Here in this guide, we will show to you how to make your virtual private network connection secure without a trace of your anonymity level.

How Secure is Virtual Private Network of my IP

There are different kinds of VPN provider that offer secure connection and help to maintain your level of anonymity to at least 90% when you first connect to it. Meanwhile, our best virtual private network connection we have used and still using are Golden Frog VPN and NordVPN with 50% discount on first purchase.

If you consider buying a vpn service that mask your location IP to another location IP 100%, consider the above VPNs.

If after purchase your VPN from either of the above VPN service provider, and you encounter any problem, you can contact me and I will help you out instantly.

In this headline, let take a look on how to check whether your virtual private network connection is masking to another IP or not.

To verify whether you are masking a different IP to your location, visit and you currently IP location will be display as seen in the image below.

How Secure is Virtual Private Network

At the time of writing this post, that was my internet connection IP. Meaning that the current IP is not masking to any location with the help of a virtual private network.

How to Check Virtual Private Network Connection?

As it is, before checking whether your VPN connection is secure or not, you need to connect to a virtual private network connection first. In most cases, paid VPN work far better than a free trial vpn.

Setting up a virtual network connection is best with paid version as it gives many options and access to contact customer service of your VPN provider in case of any difficulty.

The best way to check whether you have established a connection between your vpn and local network connection, is to visit a site called

Whoer gives a complete secure level of your VPN, the IP you are connected to,your VPN DNS server, location of your IP, IP level etc.

To check this, first connect to virtual private network and then visit

While on Whoer page to check the anonymous level with your VPN, the level must be 90% anonymous at least otherwise , such a vpn connection cannot be regard as being secured whatsoever.

The virtual private network connection is not secure because the anonymity level is far below 90%. So, it must be made secured.

How Secure is Virtual Private Network

The image above showed that the anonymity secure level is just 52%, which is poor and it tells you that the connection is not secure. To secure the vpn, click on the anonymity level and a list of what to do to make the vpn connection more secure will be displayed.

How Secure is Virtual Private Network

How to Make Virtual Private Network Secure with 100% Anonymity

The purpose of masking your IP location to another area through virtual private network is to remain anonymous. So, it is of great important to make your anonymity online secure at all cost, so that you activities online will not boomerang.

Below are the best and secure ways to make your anonymity online secure via VPN service.

1. Mask you location time to your masking location time.

For instance, if you are using your vpn to mask UK IP as a Nigerian, you must set your PC time to UK time zone first.

2. Make sure your IP is not blacklisted. If it does, you anonymous level will be reduced at least 10% and that is no way good to your online activities.

3. Maintain same DNS with of your current IP. If this is not done, it will reveal your identity to hide your online activities.

4. To secure your virtual private network connection online, try as much as you can to get a paid VPN service.

How to Set up a Home VPN Server

If you are planning to use VPN serve at home or on all your device at home, some vpn server offer access to more than 4 different devices at a time. When you go for a premium virtual private network server, you will be able to use it on your gadget such as Android phone, iOS device, tablet, PCs, and Windows phone.

In this headline, we will walk you through how to set up a virtual private network server connection at home using golden frog vpn service provider.

How to Set up a Virtual Private Network at Home

At this point, I assumed you have purchased a virtual private network or you have a valid VPN server. And if you haven’t you can consider buying your VPN server via my link with 50% at no increase of cost price.

1. Install the vpn on your choice of device, be it Android, Apple, PC or Windows device.

2. Restart your PC and launch the vpn by clicking on the icon on your desktop or search for the vpn icon if you can find it on the desktop icon.

3. Click on the gear icon to select your prefer location. The image below shown that I am about to connect to Netherlands IP.

How to Set up a Home VPN Server

4. If you are not satisfy with Netherlands network, click on the gear icon and select server location to pick your prefer location and then click on connect to connect with your new location.

How to Set up a Home VPN Server

To know how secure is virtual private network IP connection you are connected is very important. Go to whoer again and check your network anonymity level.

Finally, a secure virtual private network server connection is achievable with paid vpn. It’s advisable never to depend on free virtual private network to secure your anonymity 100%. And on no account should you go for a free vpn server.


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