How To Activate Skype Voice Message Easily

Activating Skype voice message is the best way you can follow in order not to miss out just a single call on Skype. Skype the VoIP is just like any other VoIP that let you make free call via the internet without any charge.

Come to think of how to make free call on whatsapp is as perfect as anything and activating voice message on Skype that always make sure you don’t miss a single call from your Skype friend is a edge over other VoIPs.

First thing first, we are going to teach you how to activate voice message on Skype easily in this post without wasting your time. Follow the step below to activate voice message on Skype.

Step 1

If you don’t have the latest Skype installed already, just update your Skype to the latest version or download the latest Skype and re-install in your PC.

Step 2

Login to your Skype account either from your web browser or via your Skype desktop app and click on option if login from Desktop app and hit the voice message option.

Activate Skype Voice Message

Step 3

Skype will auto-launch Skype on your PC default browser, then login and click on Voice message.

Activate Skype Voice Message

Step 4

Right in front of enable voice message and never miss a call again, click on the icon in front of it to enable the option.

Activate Skype Voice Message

To receive voice message via SMS, verify your phone number right on the page.

Finally, go to you Skype desktop voice message interface and click on save to enable this feature.

Step 5

Go back to Skype desktop option and click on voice message, tick receive unanswered calls as a voice message and configure your Skype voice message accordingly and finally save.

Activate Skype Voice MessageWith this simple technique, you can easily set your Skype  voice message to avoid missing any call fro friends and family and perhaps business partner

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