How To Apply For NITDA Scholarship Scheme

With the hope of transforming Nigeria into information technology based nation by NITDA for world class economic driving county and to increase high level of academic competition in Nigeria, NITDA has revealed on their website that they have started accepting all qualified and interested candidate of relevant information technology first degree (BSc) and second degree (MSc) into second (MSc) and third degree (PhD) respectively scholarship application.

NIDTA 2015 scholarship scheme privilege for both MSc and PhD in relevant area of information technology can now apply for the National Information Technology Development Agency scholarship. Qualifying for the scholarship program is equally spaced in the 6-Geo-politican zone across the country and it is strictly based on merit.

The NITDA postgraduate scholarship scheme is just like normal postgraduate academic calendar where a qualified MSc student earns a scholarship for a year since the program is one year and Doctorate degree program will runs for 3 years consecutively.


Only two group of scholars are qualified to apply for this scholarship scheme and the field of study must be relevant (Information Technology) to study overseas.

PhD Student

Before you can apply for this program as a PhD student, you must have completed your MSc and earn a proceeding grade which is 60% of your course work otherwise, you might not be considered.

MSc Students

A minimum of second upper division (2-1) will qualify you for this scholarship while a first class grade is an added advantage over others.

NITDA scholarship

How To Apply For 2015 NITDA Scholarship Scheme

To apply for How to Apply For 2015 NITDA Scholarship Scheme, follow the steps below

Step 1

Go to NITDA website

Step 2

Click on Apply here at the middle-top of the website page

Step 3

After step 2, two options will be displayed where you can easily choose your program.

NITDA scholarship

N:B Double entry will disqualified you automatically

Step 4

Click on fresh application below the page and then on get my pin on the next page or update my record if you are a registered member.

NITDA scholarship

Note: Copy and save your pin for future references and click start.

Step 5

Kindly accept the terms and condition of the scholarship scheme to continue and you will taken over to 13 different stages, follow each stage step-wise and submit your app.

NOTE:  Due to competition, there is likely to be a test and of which it will be comprehensive indeed in order to validate your qualification and you will be contacted after the exam whether you are qualify or not.

Closing Date: 31st of May, 2015.

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