How To Boil An Egg With Mobile Phone

If the emission emitted from phone could boil the protein in an egg, then what would happen to protein in human brain when we receive calls at length? This keep bothering on how easy it’s for a mobile phone to cook an egg over time. Of recent I was researching on wave and I landed on Alphabet the new Google name and found out that a mobile phone could eventually boil an egg, funny.

Uggg, then what came straight to my mind was that if a mobile phone could boiled the protein in an egg and makes it edible, then we need to think twice on what could happen to our brain as human when we receive call at length.

We all know that we need sufficient heat to boil an egg, but I was suppressed to have read that the radio waves emitted from phones could boil an egg, then how could a mobile phone be use to boil egg?

How To Boil An Egg With Your Phone

Is like someone telling you that you could reason beyond what you could not see, but in the world of research everything is research-able but nevertheless below is the steps you can follow to boil an egg with your phone. Meanwhile, this is all about practical, for you to ascertain this you need to carry it out yourself. The require for this quick test are:

A flat table

Two mobile phone

A cup that can contain the egg

A radio

Now, place the egg in the cup vertically and place it between the two mobile phone (Phone A and Phone B). And place it on a flat table with both phone maintaining the same position. Then use phone A to call phone B and pick the call. After that, turn on your radio and reduce the volume to audible one, then you will observe the following.

Boil an egg using mobile phone

Do you think it’s possible to boil an egg with a mobile phone?

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