Amazing Way To Buy Original Smartphone

The chance of buy original phone in the fast growing mobile world is becoming minutes. There are numerous phones in the marketing world to today but so many of these phones are not original, in the real sense we love to use the world fake or counterfeit for such a device. But the quest is how you would be able to identify a fake phone from the original once. User mentality keep growing in the fact that major fake phones are from china or they are china made, meanwhile not all counterfeit or fake mobile phone comes from China mobile Company.

 There are hundreds of mobile producers in the world today, most of them are not as good as they have proved to be not until you have a taste of what they put together to call a mobile phone, but we do not need to leverages others on our experience to identify a fake phone rather leverages our knowledge on theirs and learn from experience of those who have in one way or the other buy a device which is not original thinking that it’s the authentic once.


Before buying a phone or sharing with you how to identify a fake phone and buy original one, you must learn how to put what is right first. Being cheap can at times be so disappointing and you might get yourself messed up because of that. Anyway, without wasting much time on the introduction part, let head straight to the main clue that would help you to identify original phone and forsake fake phones.

Make Your Market Research

Doing market research is as simple as taking some survey concerning the device you are interested in. Don’t just buy a phone without knowing what the phone has as its specs. It’s  just like going to the market without having the list of what you really want to buy, and before you know you would have spend all the money on you on unnecessary things, remembering that what is important you have not even priced let alone buying them.

If you are interested in buying phone like Innjoo device or Samsung, even the now Microsoft which was then Nokia, make sure you make you market survey so that you would able to proof to the phone vendor that you really know what you want to buy, most especially about the device specifications.

Checkout The Device From Those That Are Using It

Before you can conclude on your mind that you love a device, you would have either seen it or read through its specifications. If perhaps, you have not read through the specs, you must have heard some good news about the phone. Try to have a one on one chatting with those that have used it in the past or still using and ask them about the device main features that can be you to identify the original one.

There are many company cloning phones this day, and if you don’t really know the original one you will end up buying the fake and you are on your own.

Take Note Of The Device Weight

From my observation and research, in this 21ist   an average Smartphone should not weigh more than 300g-450g, depending on the device resolution though, and size. There are some devices that merely handling them you easily identify that they are fake phones. The weight will reveal their truly identify very fast. If you have been reading reviews on different kind of phones, you will discover that most of them their weights are always less than the suggested one above.

In fact, heavy phones do not really make it in the mobile world because of their heaviness. This really contributes to identify a fake phone or how to buy an original phone, so take note.

Use The Popular Code *#00oo# And *06#

These two codes are very important in identifying original phone or fake once. The first one enables you to check your phone details while the second once reveal the phone IMEI number. If you dial the first one on any original phone, you will instantly be left on the screen of the phone with some details about the phone like version, product name, and manufacturer name while the second one will reveal the device IMEI number which is usually 15digit in number.

These code work on all phones but on fake phones, its tell you that you phone language has been set to default, and that is telling you the phone is fake while on the original phone, it carries out the exact assignment by giving you what you need to know.

Time To Buy, Consider The Price

And now that you have gone through all the suggest guides above, it’s high time to buy the device. Ask yourself, what is the budget or how much do you have in position to buy the phone. Normally, before going into phone vendor store to buy a phone, you should have had an idea or the actual price the phone could cost.

Search engine is your friend, if you are buying in a store like Jumia or Konga, it’s going to be maximum of N1000 different compared to buying offline, so anything lesser deserves a second thought.

Buying fake phone or identify original phone is quite easy if you are ready to take some simple measure and after the measure, you will discover you are doing the right thing. Just like the use of code to identify an original phone is what a non-techie person can do without any challenges or reading through the device specifications online is what an average human being can do to help him or herself.

I so believe that with this idea on how to identify a fake phone and buy original one, by now you should be able to settle for something great in the sense of buying a phone now without single challenge or tick-tuck on what the outcome could be, great.

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