Fantastic Way To Copy PS4 Saved Game Data To USB Device

If you would love to Copy PS4 Game data to USB drive or flash drive as you may call it, here is a simple trick. Following the default configuration of PS4, its saves game data directly on the device hard disk

By subscribing to PlayStation Plus online, you will be able to save PS4 game data directly online on the PlayStation network server but your PlayStation online capacity storage is limited. With PlayStation Plus subscription, you can online save game data up to 1GB and a 1000 file.

The PS4 device has a 500GH hard disk which is to be used as primary storage by default and if you have been using this storage as your PS4 game data storage, it will soon run out of memory. However, the solution to this is to copy the PS4 game to a USB flash drive or replace the existing PS4 game hard disk with another one by copying all the saved game data to the newly replaced hard disk. However, for the sake of copying PS4 game data to a USB drive, here is a drive on how to do that.

How To Copy PS4 Save Game Data To USB Drive

Step 1

Connect a USB drive to the PS4 and select formatted in the Fat32 or Exfat format for the PS4 to be able to recognize the USB flash drive.

Step 2

Navigate to PlayStation 4 setting and tab on save data management

PlayStation 2

Step 3

Select the Save Data in System Storage option

PlayStation 3

Step 4

On the screen that follows, select copy to USB storage device

PlayStation 4

Step 5

Select the game you wish to copy from the list of games

PlayStation 5

Step 6

Select the save data option and hit on the copy button

PlayStation 6

The game will start copying from your PS4 to the USB drive and it make take a few minutes depending on the number of games you copying,

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