How To Create CWM Recovery On Android Phone

Creating or flashing CWM recovery is a better way to recover your Android phone if it mistakenly got bricked but I found out that many users don’t know about CWM recovery let alone how to create CWM recovery to recover their Android phone during difficulties, however this post will open your eyes on how to create CWM recovery on your Android without using PC.

How To Make CWM Recovery For Any Device

It’s possible to make CWM recovery for device of your choice most especially if the device is Android, the procedure for flashing CWM recovery on it is direct and a non techie person should be able to handle it.
When you install ROM manager on your device, you should be able to create a CWM recovery on the device to help bring things back to normal when the device start misbehaving.

How To Install CWM Recovery

Installing CWM recovery is simple and direct, it could either be the apk version or the otherwise. Meanwhile CWM recovery is a Google play store app. So you can download this app directly from Google play store or Play store downloader and later transfer it to your Android device.

Do I Need To Download Clockworkmod Before Creating CWM Recovery?

You do not need to download Clockworkmod before creating a CWM recovery on your Android as Clockwokmod differs from Android to Android. All you have to do is to download and install ROM manager and during your first start up, a compatible Clockworkmod with your device will be installed.

How To Create CWM Recovey On Android Without PC

1. Download and install ROM manager on your device
2. Click on it and select recovery setup from the manager app.

CWM recovery 2
3. There are two options for you to select under this; if you have not installed Clockworkmod recovery for once, then click on the first option otherwise on the second option as the case may be.

CWM recovery
NOTE: You must root your device for you to be able to use this app.

4. Connect to the internet and ROM manager will auto-search and show to you whether you device support CWM recovery or not, if your device is supported, the it will proceed to download the Clockworkmod and download it straight away.

This is the simplest way to create a CWM recovery for your Android device.

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