How To Create Online Survey Form For Your Business

Do you want to create online survey and boost your business strategy? Online survey is a simple way to gather ideas online on how your business is doing by asking people to express their satisfaction pertaining to the series of questions you asked them in the survey.

As a business owner you need to invoke strategy in order to buy ideas from your customers concering what you could do to improve the perfrom of your selfless service. Online survey could be based on anything, just to gather information on what people need to know and what they expected on your business as the case may be.

How To Create Online Survey Using Google Form

Google online survey form is one of the easiest ways to create online survey and in this post, I’m sharing with you how you can easily create online survey with the use of Google Form without any itch.

Step 1

Go to Google Form page and click on go to Google Form or head straight from here to Google Form page.

Step 2

Click on get started button (in the pop up) to make use of your keyboard shortcut and to auto save changes.

Step 3

On the form page, there are few series of what to fill like the name of the form, response and question. Fill them accordingly and under the form settings, tick appropriately and if I were you, I would tick show progress bar at the bottom of the page. And only allow one response person.

Online form

Step 4

When you are done with your questions, click on done and you will have something like the format below as your survey form.

Online form

Step 5 

Scroll down to the confirmation page at the bottom of the form and click on send. You can send you survey form via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or via Email and then click on done. And all responds would be recorded and thus giving your the idea to boost your business strategy and to know what people are thinking about you and your business.

Online form

Have you made use of Google survey form in the past and what are your experiences with it? In case you have any problem, using it don’t hesitate to ask any question via your comment

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