How to Develop an App for Android for Free Using Appsgeyser

This post is not for any app developer that knows how to write any programming language that can easily be used to developed Android app, iPhone app, and even computer software but for those that doesn’t have any knowledge on how to develop an app even for Android.

As a blogger, it is often good for us to develop an app for our blog to make it easy for our readers to get latest updates of our blog post. Meanwhile, larger percentage of blogger I used to, knows nothing about coding. Operating blogspot successfully is a great ordeal for most bloggers let alone learning how to develop an app.

App developers don’t really find any big deal in developing an app because they know what it takes to develop an app. As an Android developer, it is very easy to develop your own Android OS since it is an open source and that is the more reason why their many smartphone phones outside running Android OS. Any android developer can just wake up one morning to develop an Android app without much stress if such developer is able to toil with Android kernel easily.

Meanwhile, this post is not for Android developer or for those that are ready to learn how to develop an app from the scratch but for those that are ready to learn how to develop  an app (Android app) without programming knowledge.

How to Develop an App for Free Using Appsgeyser

There are many websites online to make app for Android or iPhone such as Appmakr. They makes developing Android apps for non-developer very easy. Some of these websites are paid while so many are free meanwhile, as a non-Android developer, you will learn how to develop an app for Android with this post for free and for your sites without paying a dine.

Here is the guide to make Android app for your website, and make it responsive at the same time, we will make use of a website I came across and was able to use it to develop an app for one of my blogs.

In application development world for non-developer, it is very easy to put things together because they ain’t writing the app code from the scratch. They only need to integrate what an app developer have done into their own.

Since we are looking at how to develop Android app for free without being a developer here, we won’t take your precious time writing any code. And thank God for Appsgeyser, an Android app development website.

So, let get to business and develop our first Android app without being an Android developer.

1. Visit Appsgeyser on your device, be it on Android or desktop and click on create now.

2. Select your site template. If you are creating an App for your blog select a blog, if for a website select a website, and so on… In this case, we are developing an app for a blog, then we chose a blog. You can as well select your section such as web or business or media etc.

How to Develop an App

3. Under the app settings, select your blog type and enter your blog URL in its section starting with or without http and click on next button.

How to Develop an App

3. Enter your Android app name and short description of your blog and hits next button.

How to Develop an App

4. You can either upload your website icon or use default one. In this tutorial, we make use of the default icon but you can always choose your blog icon via custom and upload, and then click on next button to continue.

5. Finally, click on create button to create your first Android app for your blog without being a developer.

How to Develop an App

5. Enter your email and password and then click on sign up button at the bottom of the page to create your Android app. Tick I want to make money with the app to be able to earn with the app your developed for free. And you can also sign up with Facebook to save your time, meanwhile I will recommend you signed up with you email account.

How to Develop an App

7. Check your email address to verify your app maker link and then make sure you verify your application development message.

How to develop an app

Once you have verified your app email link, then it remains how to live your Android app and let others download it to get your post update once it’s published without direct visit to your site.

How to Develop an App and Published it for Download

You have successfully created your Android app for your blog without being a developer. And the next thing would be how to publish the app you have just developed for your blog visitors to download. The following steps walk you through how to publish the app you make without having a developer’s knowledge.

1. Login to your appsgeyser account and click on publish tab right on the menu and then select where to published your app.

2. You can choose to publish your blog app to Google playstore, Amazon, on your site by placing the app frame for your visitors to click on it for direct download etc.

How to develop an app

How to Make Money from the Application you Devrloped

This sounds great right? Yes! You can monetize your application and earn 50% of your ads space. Meanwhile, if you failed to monetized your Android app for your website, appsgeyser will start showing their ads on your app once you have a 500 app download.

To monetize your Android app, simply log on to your appsgeyser and then click on monetize. Click on codes and copy and paste your AdSense code or other advertisers code such as AdQuet or Content ads into the spot and you will start making money with your Android app and click on submit.

How to develop an app

That is it. You have just learn how to develop an app for free and for your blog without being an Android app developer. If you enjoy this post, kindly share with others to enjoy.

Note: With Appsgeyser you can create unlimited numbers of Android app for free

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