How To Download Android Pay Program For Free

Android pay program is gradually shaping the world like other pay programs, and it has gotten to the stage where virtually all the online giant now have the confidence to offer Android pay program privilege to all users.

Android pay program is now available for download for all Android users for free directly from play store but before you rush down to download the app, you need to understand the fact that, there are some circumscribed that are still placed on this pay program.

Before we reveal the restriction placed on Android pay program, let have a quick overview of what Android pay program is all about.

What Is Android Pay Program All About

According to Google, Android pay is the simple and safe way to pay with your Android phone at over one million store locations across the US (and soon in apps). To set it up, just add your credit and debit cards. When you’re ready to pay, simply unlock your phone, hold it near a contactless terminal, and you’re good to go. You don’t even need to open the app.

Some of the restriction being that Android pay only work in some selected bank in US with some selected card as listed by Google , so if your bank and card was not in the list, definitely it will be sad enough and as well disheartening.

Android pay

How To Download Android Pay For Free

Since the Android pay app is now applicable in play store, and your country is selected in the list alongside with your card, then you can download it directly from play store to have a taste of what you can do with Android pay with almost cashless policy being carried maintained as expected.

Have you downloaded Android pay program app on you device and have you tried to make use of it? Kindly share your experience with us.

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