How To Fix Connect To Proxy Server On Browsers

If you are Chrome user, unable to connect to proxy server will not be new to you. This is one of the issues we encounter often while using Google Chrome browser perhaps most of our browsers, but I recently discover that the issue of unable to connect to proxy server on Chrome can also be  experience on other internet browsers.

This post is going to be short but detail with full guide on how you can fix proxy server issue on your internet browser such as Google chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.

One of the reasons why you are unable to connect to proxy server may be because you are using proxy as your connection source, perhaps you should note that when this happen you will always see this and not until you change from proxy server that you are manually using to non-proxy server, this problem will continue but in the case that you are not using proxy to connect to the internet then this short tutorial should be able to be the lasting solution to the issue you are facing. I’ll provide basic technique you can use to solve this issue on the entire browser I have on my PC.

Solved: Unable To Connect To Proxy Server On Google Chrome

Launch your Google chrome browser and click on gear-like button at the upper right of the browser. On the drop down menu click on settings

On the next interface, click on connection and click on LAN settings

While you are on LAN (local area network) interface, tick the automatically detect settings

NOTE: Only tick this option and un-tick all other options available there like “Use a proxy server for your LAN”.

Google Chrome

Finally, click on OK button and click on apply on the connection interface and then OK.

This should solve the issue on your Chrome browser

Solved: Unable To Connect To Proxy Server

If you are not using Google chrome browser as your priority, do note that you can follow the same step on any other browsers to solve this issue of proxy server, so there is no qualms whether the tutorial only use Google chrome.

How To Fix Unable To Connect To Proxy Server Through Control Panel

Control panel is an important part of your PC. It servers you in many ways such as using it to uninstall software you are no longer interested in using, setting your system and security, configuring your network, to personalize your PC, change your PC language and lot more. Also, fix the issue of unable to connect to proxy server on your PC through control panel.

To solve this issue just follow this trend: Control panel–Internet properties–connection–settings—un-tick “use a proxy server for this connection”.

How To Fix Unable To Connect To Proxy Server Through Safe Mode

The best way to start with when things go wrong on PC is the safe mode but many don’t see to the reason why this feature is crucial in the life of a working PC. Not only that you can use safe mode on your PC to resolved recent issue on your PC but can as well be used to solve unable to connect to proxy server faster than expected.  The trend below should be able to work you through how to resolve the issue through safe mode.

Click on the windows button and type “msconfig” without quote or on the search type “run” and click on it to run (a command). While on the search box of the run, copy and paste “msconfig” and click ok.

On the pop up, select “boot” and select “save mode“. Click on and then restart your system manually without pressing F8 (you system should restart in safe mode by default).

Safe mode

When the system has restarted, click on the settings, and then on Advance settings

Navigate to change in proxy

On the LAN settings, uncheck it and click apply

While on safe mode, repeat step one and restart your PC.

These are various methods you can use to resolve the issue of unable to connect to proxy server on your system. And don’t forget that the main reason while we choose to highlight virtually all the method you can use to solve this issue on this post is that, at least one of the guide will work for you.

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