How to Fund Nairabet Account Online

There are quiet a number of ways to fund Nairabet account. It all depends on your choice to fund your account on Nairabet. Some prefer funding their account through agent, while some prefer taking a walk to the banking hall and credit their account, some fund their Nairabet account using ATM card at the nearest ATM machine stands, some with GTbank mobile banking, while so many Nairabet-ter love to fund their Nairabet account online at the comfort of their home.

To fund Nairabet account online is stress free, you don’t have to leave your room before you can do the funding provided you have internet connection. If you are suffering with 3G, try to switch to 4G. More so, if you are having hard time to use 4G network on your smartphone, see remedy to that so that you will be able to fund your Nairabet account online without leaving your bed room.

How to Fund Nairabet Account Online from Home

There are many online platforms that lets you transfer fund from one account to another, send money to your friends and family without leaving your room. What to know about this service? Checkout Quickteller, and MyPaga.

They offer similar services but in a unique way based on business plan. However, in this post we will walk you through how to fund Nairabet account online with the help of Quickteller. And in the nearest future, we will see how to credit your Nairabet account using MyPaga.

How to Fund Your Nairabet Account Online With Quickteller

If you have not heard of quickteller before now, you can check through our review on how to use Quickteller features the best way for online transaction. Here in this section, you will learn fully how to fund or credit Nairabet online.

1. Visit Quickteller on your phone or PC and login to your account or here to take you to Nairabet page on quickteller.

2. Select the amount you want to credit your Nairabet account from the option drop down menu. If you want fund your account with more than 5,000 or less than 1000 kindly select others from the option and then enter the amount you want to credit your account.

fund nairabet account online

3. Login to your Nairabet account and copy your customer’s reference from the top right hand side and fill your quickteller according and click on continue button. Make sure you use your customer reference number and not the one you see online.


4. If you have not added your ATM card to your quickteller account, you will be prompt to. After than, click on submit and your Nairabet account will be fund immediately.

Do you have any issue funding your Nairabet account? Drop a comment and we will get back to you!


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