Glo 4G LTE: How to Make Glo 4G LTE Work on Smartphone

Glo Nigeria recently launched 4G LTE network coverage in some selected area in Nigeria with the hope to make the super fast 4G network will soon be made available in the entire nation before the end of 2016. Our post yesterday covered things your need to know about Glo 4G LTE network. I advise you go through the post first. Here today, we will share with you how to make the new Glo 4G-LTE network coverage work on your smartphone.

First to note is that, for the new Glo 4G LTE to work on your Android smartphone, your area must be included in the list of region where the 4G network coverage has been launched for now. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the service even when you try to follow this tutorial.

No one actually expected the launch of 4G network coverage by Glo, because we are on the look out for Etisalat 4G LTE launch. However, Glo has done it and we need to enjoy it before the launch 5G LTE (lol).

The 4G LTE offers a cheap data plan subscription exactly like Glo 3G data bundles plan. Like I said earlier, here you will learn the easiest way to make the new 4G LTE by Glo to work on your smartphone.

glo 4g lte

How to Make Glo 4G LTE Works on Android or Smartphone

If you are one of the smartphone users dreaming to use Glo 4G LTE and start surfing the internet at the speed of light, below are what to do to enjoy this network upgrade without stress.

1. First, you must be in a region where the network coverage is enabled for your smartphone

2. Go to a nearby Glo shop outlet and get a new Glo 4G LTE SIM card if you can’t let go your old Glo SIM.

3. Register the new SIM and wait for fully activation of the SIM.

4. After 24 hours, dial *777# for list of Glo 4G LTE data bundle plans and subscribe to your desire plan.

Note that, the new Glo 4G LTE only work on 4G enable smartphone or Android phone or any available MiFi router. Funny enough the 4G network will not work on 3G moden even in 4G network coverage region.

How to Use Glo 4G LTE on PC

There are so many smartphone with 4G network enable that can easily give you access to the new Glo 4G network in these selected region with best and reliable battery life. Some of 4G LTE enable smartphone include Lenovo brand etc.

Moreover, if you have been using 3G network on your PC before the launch of 4G, you will not have much problem at using it.


Connect your 4G enable smartphone to 4G LTE network by Glo and connect your PC to it via hotspot. Or get a 4G enabled modem and connect to your PC directly using 4G enabled modem.

How to Know if I Can Use Glo 4G LTE on my Phone

This is one of the easiest thing Glo has done for both 4G enabled smartphone and non-enabled smartphone. You can simple check whether your smartphone is compatible with Glo 4G via text message.

Simple send 4G  to 440, and you will receive a message about your device compatibility

Have you started enjoying the power of 4G network coverage on your smartphone? Share your experience!

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