How To Minimize Android Data Consumption

Android consume data very fast, there is no doubt about that. Of recent, I subscribed to Airtel 3G BB plan on my Android and after 7 days the data got finished, oopps, why? Don’t worry I will tell you,meanwhile I can sincerely conserve the Android data consumption but I was only trying to see if there is another means that can be used to reduce the rate my Android consume data and probably the negative effect.

I intend using Etisalat plus simplserver but gosh, Etisalat network isn’t my friend where I lives for now and SimpleServer plus MTN rock, but same thing happens(poor network).

Now, I choose to go for Airtel 3G for just #1500 which really rock and super fast, meanwhile it’s a BB plan so I don’t expect it to last as it would last if using on BB.

How To Reduce Android Data Consumption

It’s quite obvious that Android runs various app underground and all these apps consume data without your knowledge, and these account for few of the reasons why you Android data bundle is at risk and with be exhausted within few days instead of a month,

To place a restriction on those apps that drain your Android data bundle as a background app, you need to first note that the app will stop receiving up-to-date information, like getting an alert if there is a new mail in your mail box, receiving messenger apps, and the like.

By restricting your Android background running apps from using your data plan, you have a better chance of reserving or conserving your Android data than expected.

However, I’ll only add additional three means of reducing Android data consumption to those ones I assumed you have been using before now such as un-checking play store auto-update, closing your apps when not using, disable internet connection when not using, and probably set a passkey for your hotspot.

How To Reduce Android Data By Setting Limit

By setting limit on data to be used per day is just the best way to go when talking about reducing your internet data plan. It only depend on whose heart, if you cannot keep to your word or control yourself you might not be able to keep up to this. For instance, Airtel BB plan for Android has a data cap of 2560MB not exactly 3GB as said. You can set a daily limit of 100MB per day and that would last for almost 20 days or so, or divide the total number of MB by the number of days and set it accordingly.

How To Reduce Android Data Consumption Using Traffic Ranking.

Traffic use ranking is also a better way to reduce the rate at which your Android consume data. Since on Android, all apps runs in the background, then you can use this feature to disable few of the apps that you are not currently using. Perhaps, set most of them to connect over WiFi only and that will help to reduce your Android data consumption. Note that you can still use most of this app, just click on them and you will be prompt to remove data restriction, just click on remove and you will be able to connect again. To reduce you Android data consumption using this method, just follow this direction: Settings—>Data traffic management—>Traffic use ranking—> Disable app.

Android data consumption

Reduce Android Data Consumption By Restricting Background Data 

Nothing consume Android data more than background app and they run without you even taking notice of them except you are kind of conscious. Restricting Background data will reduce the rate your Android consume data but… Background apps will stop work and you will not be able to use them even when you accept number two prompt option. To reduce you Android data consumption using this method, just follow this direction: Settings—>Data traffic management—>Traffic use ranking—> Settings—> Restrict mobile—> Ok.

Android Data

And to start to run background app, follow the same direction above and un-check restrict background app.

Of recent, this a better way I do use to reduce the rate at which my Android consume data and you too can enjoy the good deed.

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