How To Turn Old Android Phone Into Security Camera

I did turned my old Android phone into security camera instead of selling it and it works like Woow!!! Security camera and Android phone have nothing in common except the camera but it’s exiting to see how Android works like security camera’s this day. It’s quite funny to buy a brand new Android phone and turn it to security camera when you can easily buy a security at a very close rate, rather old Android phone are sometimes in best position to carry out this task and it works just like security camera.

Conventionally, Android phone is an open ended device that can perform some alarming task, either rooted or not. The Android phone I used as a security camera was not rooted and it works.

What I mean by open ended device is that you can install you desired apps either from known or unknown source depending on your ability to tweak and play around with the device.

Without wasting time, the steps to start using your Android phone as a security camera is very easy to master and can be used anywhere,even in your office or place of work.

To start with,you need a viewer and a receiver, to be able to see live event going under the coverage of the Android made security camera.

The viewer is your old Android phone while the receiver is the device that gives you direct access to the place under coverage irrespective of the kilometer from the source as long as there is internet connection.

You can with this tips keep your friends and  family under your close watch without telling them how you are monitoring them exactly.

On Your Old Android Phone

I assume your old Android phone is your viewer(camera) and it must be placed at the vantage position.

1. Visit Google play store and download webofcam, it’s a free app so no panicking.

2. Install the app and launch it after installation. Before the get started menu,select your old Android phone as camera and place in at the exact point where it can actually cover the exact area.


3. On the screen of the device,click on black screen to hide the security camera identity.

On the Viewer End

On the viewer end, you can either use another device or PC.

1. Go to Web of Cam

2. Enter your assigned IP address and click on start button.


And you are good to go. You have successfully turn your old Android phone into a security camera. Note that to use this Android security camera anywhere,you must be able to recall your IP address.

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