How To Protect Your Privacy On Android

Every individual need and deserves privacy even you, and for privacy reasons you might want to lock some of your file, applications or data’s on your android device, for instance you have a file which you don’t want anybody to access or as a parent your children always sneak out with your phone to play games, you can lock the games so that they don’t have access to the games any longer. Hehehe.

Droid Protector for Android

After some researches on how I could lock files on my Android device I found this handy tutorial after giving it a try I thought it nice to share it with you all. Let’s go on with the tutorial.

How To Get This Done

To enable this you need an application called Droid Protector. What is Droid Protector? Droid Protector is an Android app that helps enable you lock anything available on your Android smartphone such as: SMS, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram, Viber, Line, Evernote, Incoming Calls, etc. It also locks applications you’re installed to your device.

So I guess you’ve seen what this app is all about? Droid Protector is a multi purpose application as it also you to change Wifi connections and phone settings, and also enables to padlock your files on your Android device. There nothing much to know about this app, it’s a free one you can get it on download and installDroid Protector here. If you’ve downloaded it then lets move to the tutorial in full.

How to Protect Data with Droid Protector

  • You must have installed the Droid Protector on you device, now on the starting screen of the app you will be asked to enter the password or draw pattern lock for the protection.
  • You’ll also be asked to add the security question and answer.
  • Now it’s time to select any application which you wish to lock on your android phone.
  • The applications you have selected will be locked immediately after clicking on them. You can see screenshot below:

Now apply same method in order to hide your images or albums just by selecting the “Hide Pictures tab. Aside the above features, this application also allows you to choose which of the images or videos available on your android phone are readable or accessible. It’s advisable to keep your lock code or pattern secrete as it’s your privacy, if anybody knows your lock code or pattern he’ll be able to access your private files. Once the selected apps and pictures are locked and hidden, no one can unlock them without knowing the password or pattern which you have set.
Whats Awesome About This App?

From the setting you are allowed to change the cover of your apps. Example: You can use your photo as the cover of your 2go this will deceive people and they will think it’s just an image. You can also customizing wallpaper and lot more. Now you know about this application what do you think about it?

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