How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

This is another way to recover deleted files on Android device that I tried this afternoon. In my previous post on how to recover deleted files on Android, my friend was not satisfy with the procedure that need root access before recovering deleted files on his Android.

To be frank,  I was disappointed and I have to look for a better way to help out to recover the files he needed back on his Android since he could not take the risk of rooting his Android, again, what a friend for?

And now, finally the whole story has been resolved and we are able to recover all deleted file on his Android without root access.

Now, no grumbling about recovering deleted file that requires root access since you can do this without rooting your device. But one of the downside of the app we made use here was that the app is a paid one, nonetheless the free version can be of great use just that you will be disturbed with ads while using the app. Meanwhile, you can read this guideline on how to download paid apps for free

And for this reason, and to stop those ads from displaying while trying to recover your deleted files on Android, you can stop the ads from displaying and you will never see them again.

How To Recover Deleted Files/Data On Android

Here is a full detail on how you can recover a deleted file on your Android without root access. This procedure helps you to recover virtually everything that you have deleted on your phone and it serve as a recycle bin for your Android just like the way you have it on PC.

Few of the files you can recover on your Android using this app include; images, videos, audios, apps etc.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Android Phone

Download and install Dumpster Android app on your Android and launch the app.

Run a scan to scan your device and a list of all deleted files will be display.

Click on the name of the folder you would love to recover deleted data.

To scan a recover a specific file or data, click on the drop down menu located beside Dumpster and make your selection.

Recover deleted data on Android

Tick the data or files you would love to restore and click on restore at the bottom of the page.

How to recover deleted data on Android

If you mistaken deleted an important files on your Android, with this you should be able to recover it back.Let me know if this work for you or not.


  1. Riju Debnath Reply

    Thanks for this awesome trick. It will be great if we can recover deleted files on android. I saw this first on web now lets give it a try.

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