How To Recover Hidden Files From Virus Infected USB Drive

I just recovered my hidden files from my virus infected USB pendrive and I’m going to share with you how you too can recover hidden files on your virus infected USB pendrive with a painless task.

When you USB pendrive files are infected by virus, it is likely to stop showing on your USB drive, change your real file name to shortcut and things like that.

So, if you have issues in recovering files on your USB pendrive that has been infected by virus, then this is a better way to recover such files.

Gone are the days when people use to copy files using CD/DVD because it takes time to burn them to your CD/DVD drive that sincerely amount to using USB such as pendrive, external disc and etcetera.

So, if your favorite USB drive has been infected by unknown virus source that hides and turn your files to shortcut, here is a quickest way to rectify it and recover your infected file.

How To Recover Hidden Files From Virus Infected USB Drive.

The procedure below depict the detailed process of recovering a hidden files from virus infected USB drive using the command prompt on your PC.

1. Plug the virus infected USB drive to your PC

2. Launch your PC command prompt (Start–>Run–>type “CMD”–>Enter button).

3. Go to my computer and find the name of the drive e.g I, G, F…. And here the letter/name of my USB drive is G:


4. Type the following accordingly with space between each of the letter or command as you may want to call it and click enter.

Run CMD code

The wait for a while which is proportional depending t the number of files that have been infected by virus on your USB drive.

Then head straight to your folder and you will find all files that have been hidden by virus on the flash.

This is just the simplest method you can use to recover an infected files on your USB drive.

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