How To Reduce Android Data Usage Using Chrome

This post will teach you how to reduce data usage on Android using Google chrome browser for Android. Android consume data bundle very fast and they need to be conserve/reduce the rate at which  consume your data. Meaning that you need to control how they consume data using the best ever means you know.

There are countless article that talks about how to reduce Android data usage otherwise it will drain your data subscription at the speed of light and they do really work. However, here is a fresh trick on how you can reduce Android data consumption on your Android. The benefits Blackberry users enjoy when it comes to data plan is another measure why Blackberry users never think like they need to change from using Blackberry to Android.

With Android data plan, or Blackberry plan for Android you must not try to watch live matches on your Android except you can use SimpleServer to surf the internet.

What drain Android data fast is the background apps that runs without your concept/knowledge but we only know they make life easier for us and get us connected across all the platform we enjoyed using and that is one of the benefits of Android devices.

You can as well use Android apps to reduce data usage but to enjoy those apps, you need to buy a premium version as the free ones are restricted from doing some magic on your device. It’s advisable that you should download paid Android app that reduces data consumption and you can check out how to download paid Android apps for free.

How To Reduce Android Data Usage Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome features helps user to reduce Android data usage by compressing the rate at which their Android drain data while browsing the internet. The following steps depict how to reduce Android data usage using Google Chrome.

1. Download and install Google Chrome on your Android

2. Click on the three dot at the upper right of the page and select settings.

Reduce Android data usage

3. Under the settings, scroll down to “Reduce data usage”

Reduce Android data

4. Then, enable reduce data usage and you are done.

Reduce Android Data consumptionUsing Google Chrome browser alongside other techniques to reduce Android data usage will help to make your Android data plan last as expected.

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