How To Remove Ads From Free Android Apps

This post will teach you how to remove ads from free Android apps and you will never see them again. One of the disadvantages of free Android apps is the issue of popping up developer ads prompting you to click, of course you can click on those ads for you own sake but what if you decided to remove the ads permanent from the apps and turn them to a premium apps?

To remove ads from free Android apps is more like having a paid version of the app, and more so, you don’t really need to start downloading free Android apps again since you can easily download paid Android apps for free without any itch. Downloading paid Android app for free does not have anything to do with amazon month give away app but downloading directly from Google play store.

Now, straight to the business on how to remove ads from free Android apps and to do this, you only need to do the following and you are good to go.

How To Remove Ads From Free Android Apps

To remove ads from free Android apps, you need to take the following steps and they are very simple and it does not require any special skill.

Root Your Android Phone

Download Lucky Patcher

With these two things done, you can easily remove ads from any free Android apps from Google play store.

How To Root Your Android Device

I believe the word “root” is no long new and if it does, I have written few post on how to root android phone and you can just check them out to root your device. And if your Android phone is rooted already, then head straight to the next step.

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How To Remove Ads From Free Apps Using Lucky Patcher

This procedure only applicable to new apps that you would love to download and not the one you have already or downloaded already.

Launch the Lucky patcher you downloaded and grant root access when prompted.

Navigate to the tools, and filter section toward the left side and select block advertisement on this device.

Wait for few seconds and you will see a message “Hosts file updated” notification as a successful sign in.

Congratulations, you have successfully remove ads from free Android apps on your device as Lucky patcher will block all ads on the device.

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