How To Repair A Phone That Fell In Water

If you want to repair a phone that fell in water you should be able to repair it yourself. I have long written a complete guide on how to repair a phone that fell in water and I was able to save the phone when procedure was carried out. But I discover that that method I used to repaired the phone when it fell in water then was just time consuming and here I will share with you a yet simple but a perfect procedure that can used to repair any phone that fell in water.

I know you want know what to do first when your phone fell in water, some might start crying when their phone fell in water and find it extremely difficult to think right on what to do.

Instead of taking your device to an engineer when it drops in water, you can fix it yourself so that you will be able to keep the money to yourself.

What To Do When Your Phone Fell In Water

When your phone fell in water, what you should do next or start to think about is what should I do on my own to revive the device that just fell in water. At time,knowledge is a sacrificial gift and with sound application of your understanding on how water can quickly spoil your phone, then you will be able to think straight when your phone fell in water so as to know what to do.

Just follow the step below and you will be able to revive your phone.

If your phone features a removable battery, remove it instantly and remove all removable’s, then get a nylon bag and pack the phone inside, with some space left and tighten the month of the nylon making sure that not breading space in the nylon.

Let the phone be in the nylon bag for at least 24 hours and after that, all the water in the phone will be evaporated out, then remove the phone and clean it up and by now it should be working.

Also, if the phone that fell into water features a non removable battery like most HTC device and Huawei, just remove the SIM and memory card and do the same.

I’m sure that with this simple techniques, you should be able to revive your phone when it falls into water

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