How To Resolve Whatsapp Error Message On Android

Whatsapp error message is a very common Whatsapp error we often encounter which is proudly attributed to inaccurate date settings and when this happen, we might yell that oh no, not this time again all because of the precious chat we are likely going to miss.

When you encounter this Whatsapp error message, the first thing that comes to your mind is that your Android date was truly inaccurate but that might not be the exact problem and thus that might not end up being the solution to resolve the issue associated with your Whatsapp error message.

Since the introduction of Whatsapp, virtually all Android user has found it to be the best mobile chat app that does not only save airtime call voucher but as well enable Whatsapp users to share directly pictures, video, audio song and so on. With all these goodies associated with whatsapp, it will be very disheartening seeing the chat display error message that needed urgent attention and yet you don’t know where to start from to get this issue resolved.


Why Am Seeing The Whatsapp error message

As suggested by Whatsapp most of the time that you are seeing the error message because your device date is inaccurate, you may check that out and make sure your date and time is right at the moment to see whether it’s true that the error does comes up because of the problem suggested by Whatsapp otherwise new steps has to be taken.

More so, Whatsapp error message may come up if your whatsapp is out of date which requires little action from your end.

However, the main purpose of this post is to reveal the simple trick that would easily helped you to resolve Whatsapp error message in just 3 steps.

Step 1

First thing first is to check whether your whatsapp version is the current version or is out of date, and if it’s out of date, definitely you will be having this error message. Note that the error message whatsapp would still be given will still pertaining to the one of inaccurate date or time set up.

Step 2

Uninstall the older version of whatsapp from your phone following this direction (Settings—App—Click on Whatsapp–Unistall). After that I would advise you re-start the device.

Step 3

Download and install latest version of whatsapp from Google playstore and the Whatsapp error message would disappear instantly and you will be able to chat again. All message sent when you were not available would be delivered as soon as your correct the Whatsapp error message.

This simple step helps you to resolve Whatsapp error message instantly and if you have any means that can be followed to resolve Whatsapp error message, kindly drop your comment and your experience concerning this whatsapp issue.

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