How To Retrieve A Stolen Android Phone Using Gmail Account

If you mistakenly lost your Android phone to a pick pocket or you mistakenly misplaced it and couldn’t find it again, don’t see it as if you were been careless, just see it that nobody is perfect and mistake has not master.

A stolen Android phone can easily be retrieved by tracking the source of the phone and once the source is known, you can easily track the person holding it and the phone location right in your room.

Before you can track you stolen Android phone or device you must first add the device to your Gmail account and carryout some few task and before you know it, the phone stolen source will be discovered and could be tracked down.

The trick of using Gmail to track and retrieve your stolen Android phone or device is very simple using your device GPS. The usefulness of this Android feature is to reveal your location on your phone and be able to track wherever your phone is whenever this feature is on.

The following steps walk you through how to track and retrieve your stolen Android device using Gmail account.

1. If you have not register as a Gmail user, kindly register for one least for the purpose of this tutorial. After that, confirm you Gmail account promptly.

2. Navigate to Google security and enter your Gmail account  and then your password to login.

Stolen phone 1

3. When you are on the account manager page, a list of your new devices will be listed. Click on the name of your phone and rename the phone to what you can easily remember like the one below.

Stolen phone 1

4. On your device, click on settings and enable the GPS feature. Go back to the Android manager page and click on the GPS icon to retrieve your device present location.

Stolen phone 1

NOTE: You must be connected to the internet to have this done on both device.

Now, how do you retrieve your stolen phone using your Gmail should be the next question you will want to ask— just keep calm and proceed to read the few line below.

Note that you have added you device to your Gmail account, whenever you misplace you phone or your Android is stolen, go back to your Gmail account manager to refresh the location where the phone is presently available.

Stolen phone 1

The last location where the phone was located while the phone GPS was made available would be known to you and you can then track the location by reporting to your local network provider and security agency for the next step.

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