How To Root Any Android Device Using Vroot

Vroot is Android root master that can easily be used to root any Android device. Vroot is for both Windows in zip file, contained in the Windows extension installation file and Vroot apk file for Android direct root without the use of PC (personal computer).

With the aid of Vroot, you can actually root your Android phone manually and in fact without computer and with the aid of the APK file that can be installed directly on your Android phone instead of connecting your phone to your PC via cable.

Using Vroot to root Android phone is as easy as operating your phone, although you learn new thing on your phone on daily basis base on how you make yourself familiar with it but using Vroot to root any Android phone manually or without computer is a one way traffic system.

Vroot 1

How To Root Any Android Phone Using Vroot

The following reveals to you how you can easily root any Android phone using Vroot under 5 minute

Step 1

Enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone via the settings. To enable the debugging mode follow this; (Settings–Developer–USB Debugging–Enable (Mark/Tick).


NOTE: For Android OS greater 4.2.2, you might not be able to access your Android developer option but to do this, go to build number and tap it continuously (Setting–About phone–Build Number)

Step 2

Download and Install Vroot on your PC or download Vroot APK to your Android.

Note: For this article, we would be making use of the PC installation

Step 3

Connect your Android phone to your computer, strictly through USB and launch the Vroot you previously installed on your computer.

Vroot 2

Step 4

Once you have connected your device, Vroot will auto-detect your Android name and then try to verify your phone root permission.

Step 5

Click on Root button to start your Android rooting process.

Step 6

Vroot will auto-reboot your Smartphone after rooting has been successful and it will install SuperSU application on your phone.

Vroot 3

Step 7

To simply verify whether you phone has root access or not, after the installation of SuperSU application on your Android by Vroot, download and install root checker app and run a scan with the app.


This is the simple trick you can use to root any Android phone with PC without any hurdles


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    I have Galaxy Grand Prime and searching for a tutorial in which I will get the simple way to root it. Here I got it. Thanks for this informative post.

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      Hi Ankit,
      This is really greatand I’m glad it works for you

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