How To Root Tecno P9 in less than 5 minutes

Tecno P9 is a great tecno brand, a little bit heavy for my liken though but when I laid my hand on the device I sincerely believed that rooting this device will go a long way in optimizing the device and maximize its usability.

I understands that rooting my tecno P9 would violate the device warrantee, meanwhile I have gone through an article I posted on what to consider before rooting any Android device.

Checking through this site, you will discover will have written a lot of articles on how to root Android phone include a technique that can be used to root all Android phone using PC and it indeed works for all Android phones.

I will teach you how to root tecno p9 using PC in less than 5 minutes here today. There are so many software that can be used to root Android phone, tecno P9 to be exact but some don’t really work as expected. However, following the steps I’m sharing with you here will at ease help you to root tecno P9 without any hurdles.

How To Root Tecno P9 Using PC

Step 1

Download and install Vroot to your PC

Step 2

Connect your P9 to your PC using USB cable and enable debugging via the settings.


Step 3

Once connected to your PC, launch the Vroot and click on root button.

Tecno p9 1

NB: Once you are on step 3 above, don’t operate your phone and make sure the USB cable is firmly fixed.

Step 4

Vroot will auto-reboot your Smartphone after rooting has been successful and it will install SuperSU application on your phone.

Tecno p9 2

Step 5

To simply verify whether you phone has root access or not, after the installation of SuperSU application on your Android by Vroot, download and install root checker app and run a scan with the app.

Tecno 0

This is the simple trick you can use to root your Tecno P9 easily.

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