How To Save Instagram Photo Easily On Instagram Android Apps

Instagram is a photo and video sharing social website that allow its client to take photos and post it online where it for their followers to see. Instagram is platform for photo lovers and mostly for celebrity to show-off themselves with their fans but how do you feel when you find it difficult to save a picture a friend shared on his/her profile on instagram on your Android using the Android Instagram app? Definitely, you might find it disheartening but that is not the end of the road as this post will take you step by step on how you can easily save pictures on Instagram Android apps.

To be able to download photo on Instagram on your Android, you need additional app called the Easy Downloader for Instagram. This app let you download any photo directly to your mobile phone on Instagram Android app with just a click on the go and with this app, you can always save your favorite photo on Instagram.



Download both Easy Downloader and Instagram Android app and install the two apps on your Android device.

Login to your Instagram account using the instagram app and navigate to the photo you would love to download


Minimize your instagram account by clicking your Android home tab and launch the easy download app you installed on your phone and click on the instagram icon at the top of the app. Before that, don’t forget to click on the download mode if it has not been ticketed already.


Once you have clicked on the instagram icon on the easy download app, you will be taken back to your instagram account where the desired photo was opened, and just below the comment section, click on the three vertical dot and copy the share URL of the photo.


Just like orbit download manager for PC, once this shared URL is copied, easy download would picked it up and it will start downloading the photo.

With this simple method, you can download thousands on instagram photos on your Android using Instagram Android app and easy downloader

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