How To Take Camera On Android Without Launch The Camera

I found how to take Android camera without launching the Camera during OAU NASU protest and I decided to share the technique with you guys so that you too can start taking pictures on your Android without the device camera.

It’s not really about spying but it fun taking picture without the knowledge of your colleague most especially when they are catching fun and like playing around. Some people don’t like taking picture but you can tell them you are smart than they do because you are using smartphone, lol!

If you are truly an Android user, you will discover almost everything is possible on Android without arguing that Blackberry is better than Android and without mincing words, they are lot of Android apps that does wonderful things are make life better for their user’s but in most cases, most of them are paid apps which you can download for free without paying cent.

I test run so many Android apps on my Android phone and I know which is best and here is one of the top Android free app that I have found pleasure in using without any hiccups. The disadvantage associated with most free app while using them is that they throw up pop up ads which will all despise but we can silent those ads by disabling them with just a click.

How To Take A Picture With Android Camera Without Launching The Camera.

The procedure below depict step by step tutorial on how you can take a picture on your Android device without launching the camera to avoid being suspected.

Download and install quick camera Android app on your Android device.

Launch the installed quick camera app and secretly take your picture without launching your Android camera.

How To Set Up Quick Camera To Take Picture Silently

Obviously there is no special setting you need to perform in taking picture with quick camera but below are the setting you may want to embark on to effectively use your Quick camera on the go. See the image below to set your own quick camera to start taking secret picture.

Secret camera


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