How To Transfer Money Using QuickTeller

The thought of transferring money using Quickteller came to my mind when I was left with no option. It’s through that using quickteller to transfer money is not the best way when I can easily use GTbank internet banking with my token but to my humble surprise all effort made to transfer money from GTbank to Fidelity and Enterprise bank proved abortive.

What next should I do than to use quickteller as the online option left for me nevertheless using quickteller to transfer the fund was a sweet experience and that is exactly what I’m going to share with you here.

How To Transfer Money To Another Account From Your Account Using Quickteller.

1. If you are new to quickteller, register asa new member and login to your account.


2. At the homepage when you login, select send money and click on transfer to account.


3. When you are at the money transfer page, fill the necessary detail and click on continue.


4. Confirm your details and click on transfer button below the page

5.And after that,  you will be directed to the payment page


6. On the webpay page, select your ATM card type from the drop-down menu and fill other details accordingly and then click on pay button.


7. If your transaction is successful, you will be notified immediate with a receipt of confirmation and if not, you will notified with reason why the transaction was not successful.

With this,you should be able to transfer money directly from the your comfort home to your desire destination. Have you tried using this service before and how was your experience with it?

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