How To Unzip File On Android Phone in Just 5 Minutes

I just unzipped a zip file on my Android Android of recent and I’m here today to share with you how you can unzip a zip file on your Android without bothering yourself using PC.

Unzipping a file means you are extracting the files from it zip format so that you can easily access the files contained in the zip format. Most files are converted to zip format just to compress the capacity of the file for easy downloading and for easy uploading to most site that need zip file format.

There are few number of Android apps that can be used to unzip file on Android, and quite a reason number of techniques can be as well used to unzip a file on Android, but today I’m going to share with you the method that mostly work whenever I want to unzip zip file on my Android.

Can I Create Zip File On Android

Zip file can be created on Android without any hiccups if you know how to go about it. Creating a zip file is the best way to compress your file and make it easy to transfer from one source to another. When you compress your file or convert it to a zip format, you are bringing together files of the same constituent together so that they can perform their function effectively and can be used according when needed without bothering to search for either or the file component else where.

How To Extract Zip Files On Android

When you extract zip file on Android is the same thing as unzipping the file to another file which you can either create yourself or let your Android create the extracted file by default.

How To Unzip Files On Android Phone Easily

The procedure below depict everything you need to do to be able to unzip a zip file on your Android phone and unzipping it into another file (creating another folder on your Android like PC)

1. Download and install AndroZip on your Android phone

2. Launch the app and select the file you want to unzip using your Android phone (the file must be in zip format).

3.Just click on the zip file by tapping it with the aim of opening the file.

Extract zip file

4. Click on “Extract to…” and select the forth icon (before the palm like folder).

Unzip zip file non Android

5. Enter the name of the new folder you want to unzip the zip file to file to and click Ok to create your new folder.

Unzip file

6. Now, select the new folder you just created and click on “Extract here”, and the extracting process will continue

Unzip file on Android


7. To view the extracted file/unzipped file, click on the parent folder and find your new folder, then click on it and you are good to go.

This is a simple method you can use to unzip file on Android phone and it works perfectly.

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