How To Upload Photo To Instagram Directly From Desktop

Conventionally, we love to upload photo to Instagram while on the Instagram website to show off some swag relating to how the day has been going or directly from our mobile using Instagram mobile app. But as a new user, you may find it extremely difficult to upload photo to Instagram directly from your account dashboard.

The photo database website is for all and sundry, and typically, uploading photos is a must in order to effectively make use of the site. Commenting and liking photos on Instagram isn’t enough as a user but ability to upload you own photo or funny picture on Instagram will earn you some reasonable popularity and may perhaps, end up earning you are reasonable amount of followers.

Meanwhile, while others are uploading photo to Instagram when they are on the site, you will be able to upload your own directly from your desktop without necessarily need to launch your browser at the end of this post on how to upload your photo to Instagram.

For this sake of this tutorial, we will be making use of desktop app which at this time works for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista and MAC OS.

1. Download Gramblr uploader to your PC, unzip it and install the software (Installation takes few minute and it only occupy a minute space on your computer HD). When you are done with the installation, launch the app and make sure you are connected to the internet.

2. Enter your username and password to access your Instagram account.

Instagram photo

3. Click on choose file, to select the photo you want to upload and click on the upload button. Note that the photo you are uploading must be crop to square otherwise, you won’t be able to use Gramlr uploader for this purpose.


Choose you caption and click on save button and that is all. This simple app makes it very easy to upload your photo directly to Instagram from your PC desktop.

You may choose to share it on other social media like Facebook or Twitter but the simple fact is that you photo will be uploaded successfully to your Instagram account. Join us on Instagram and you can checkout the uploaded photo on our Instagram account.

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