How To Upload WordPress Theme Using Android Phone

I just uploaded a wordpress theme to my blog using my Android few days ago and I’m going to share with you this morning the same techniques so that you too can change your wordpress theme on your Android phone without bothering to use your PC, it’s very handy.

If you have been around for a while on this blog, you will discover of recent that I just changed the theme, and the theme was uploaded directly from my Android alongside with the setting before doing the final setting of the theme on my PC.

There are few ways you can use to upload wordpress theme to your site such as uploading your wordpress theme to your site using file transfer protocol, through your control panel and upload directly from your site dashboard using your PC.

But uploading wordpress theme using Android phone comes in handy way and makes the job very easy to do without much stress.

Note that your wordpress theme must be in a zip format otherwise you will not be able to upload it to your site.

How To Upload WordPress Theme Using Android Phone

The following procedure depict the exact procedure I followed to change my site theme using my Android phone without using any Android app and you too may want to try it.

1. Login to your wordpress site and select themes under appearance and click on the add new button.

Upload wordpress theme

2. Click on “Upload Theme” and choose your wordpress  theme. From the pop up, select document by single click.

Upload wordpress theme on Android

3. Swap the opened page to the left and select your theme location and select the theme you intend to upload (it must be in zip format).

4. After that, you will be taken back to your site and them click on install now button.

Wordpress theme

Simple and handy way to change your wordpress theme on Android without third party app. Have you tried to upload wordpress theme to your site before now? What is your experience about using this technique?

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