How To Use Android Lock Pattern On PC

I just set up Android lock pattern on my PC this morning and I decide to share it with you. Android lock pattern is a major way of securing un-authorize login attempt on Android that most user love to play around with. Android lock pattern is not only the best security pattern but it is as well the best way to play smart locking your Android leaving no clue for any one to guess how to unlock the pattern.

This same lock pattern can as well be used on PC to ensure maximum security and to send away all un-authorize use of your PC.

What Benefits Associated With Android Lock Pattern?

Over the year, phone users have stopped using code to lock their phone and are now moving to using pattern in place of code. Android lock pattern seems to be a more unique way of locking Android phone and it’s more secure. With Android lock pattern you can hardly forget your lock pattern and it you do, you can always unlock it  using this smart techniques.

Android lock pattern is the best way to ensure maximum security and you should try it. This same benefits now have it way on Windows.

How To Use Android Lock Pattern On PC

The following procedure depict how you can enable Android lock pattern on PC and lock your PC screen.

1. Download and install Maze Lock on your PC

2. When you are done downloading Maze lock on your PC, locate the software on your PC and right click on the icon.


3. After that, Maze lock will show up options, then click on configure or use the short cut “Win+C”.



4. You will be moved to the configuration panel, then hit the reset pattern button to set up a new pattern different from the default pattern. Then set up your own pattern like you use to do on Android.


5. Hit the general button to set up some few general settings like the time it should take to lock your PC screen.


With this, you should be able to enjoy Android lock pattern on your PC now. Do have fun with this on your PC!

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