How to Use Blackberry Subscription on Android/Tablet/PC

Airtel Blackberry unlimited browsing is still working on both Android and PC. When I got stocked this afternoon on how to surf the internet I had to settle for Airtel Blackberry Unlimited subscription which cost #1500 for just 3G .

This Airtel data bundle plan is only for Blackberry but with little tweak, you can use it on Android and also on PC. Of recent Airtel reduces its Blackberry  subscription from #1400 to #1000 but forgone the Airtel Blackberry Unlimited and it remains at the previous price which was #1500 which I decided to try it using trial and error method and fortunately, the subscription was successful but couldn’t browse the internet.

And the purpose of this post is for you to see how I was able to use Airtel Blackberry  Unlimited on my Android and on PC with little tweaking.

How To Subscribe To Airtel Blackberry Unlimited

I would suggest you don’t subscribe using *121*2#,  rather dial *440*16# to subscribe to the data plan after you have recharged the required amount.

How To Use Airtel Blackberry Unlimited On Android

Using the normal airtel configuration settings won’t power the subscription and if it does, it will be very slow. So you need to create a new configuration profile as follow and save and then start surfing the internet.



Pass & User: internet.

With the above settings, you should be able to use Airtel  Blackberry Unlimited browsing on any Android.

How To Use Airtel Blackberry Unlimited On PC

To use the Blackberry unlimited data on PC you need to alter your network settings and after that you are good to go.

Follow this trend and configure your favorite browser as follows if you are using your Android to connect as wireless otherwise create a new APN on your Modem and connect through it.


port: 8080 (Not compulsory on modem).

With this settings you should be able to browse the internet with your Airtel Blackberry Unlimited data cap.

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