How To Use Etisalat BIS On PC And All Devices

Etisalat BIS on PC is back again and rock at the speed of light. The Etisalat BIS 3G data cap now rock on PC and some other devices such as Android, iPad etc.

The BIS is actually for Blackberry but as a tech addict, you should always find your way around on how to make use of  the BIS on non supported device.

With the Etisalat BIS, you are good to go and browse until you data cap expires.

Is Etisalat BIS Still Browsing On PC? 

Etisalat BIS still rock on PC if you know how to go about it. If you have ever make use of Etisalat to surf the internet you will discover they have almost the best internet speed. With is tweak, you will be able to browse with Etisalat BIS on PC.

Etisalat Free Browsing With Modem

This is not total free browsing with Etisalat BIS, but at the same time we can say it’s a great privilege to be able to use the BIS subscription on PC.

Etisalat BIS Settings On PC

With the Etisalat tweak I’ll be sharing with you here, you will be able to incur a new Etisalat setting on your PC and use it with modem.

How To Configure Etisalat BIS To Work On PC and All Devices

1. Firstly, subscribe to Etisalat data plan of your choice (weekly or monthly) use the code below:

Weekly: *499*3*1# for #500

Monthly: *499*3# for #1000

2. Create a new APN and set your new APN to

3. Open your browser and mobile settings and configure proxy settings as:



This IP rock at the speed of light with Etisalat BIS on all  devices.

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