How to Use VPN Server in a Professional Way

Early last week, we discussed how to set up a VPN server and how you can tell whether a vpn server is secure or not. It has been a while I started using VPN server to protect some crucial activities online and have not regretted any of my action using it.

In the past, I have used Total VPN server, and currently, an using Golden Frog VPN and NordVPN server to broaden my knowledge on different VPN servers. When you have a vpn server, either paid or not, it is very important to learn how to use it to secure your anonymity level to the fullest.

How to use VPN server is one of the things I choose to spend my time monitoring and learning when I started using Total VPN, then migrated to Golden Frog VPN, along side with NordVPN server.

Smart Review of Golden Frog VPN With 50% Discount

VPN stands for virtual private network which protect your activities online. When you are connected to VPN server to access online content, you presence online will be behind the wall and it will not be reveal your identity if properly set up.

When you set up virtual private network (vpn) the right way, you can use it to open a PayPal account in a country that isn’t allow from receiving money from other countries with PayPal. With my VPN, it is very easy to perform some kind of extra activities staying behind the firewall.

How to Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

To set up a vpn server in a professional ways, there are something that you need to put in place otherwise you might not be able to enjoy the power of a paid vpn. Some best paid VPN service in the world would tell you do make sure you checkmate your PC for the following so that you will be able to install the VPN software, most on your PC.

Before I could install paid Golden frog VPN I had to Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and 2012 from Programs & Features, as well as do a complete uninstall of VyprVPN if on the machine.

And installed this version Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and 2012 before VyprVPN could work. That was another thing that I learn while using Golden frog VPN.

If you are having the same issue installing any VPN of your choice, it will be nice to Uninstall Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and 2012 from Programs & Features, restart the PC and install the version above before you re-install your VPN.

The reason you want to use VPN server is to protect your presence online, and in what follows you will learn the best way on how to use VPN based on years of experience.

Why Did I Have To Use More Than One VPN Server at a Time

This is actually what I expect you to ask. After all, a single VPN company can offer me what I want but in the course of how to use VPN in a professional way, I have to test various VPN together.

And in fact, I will still check most of world best VPN found in literature online to broaden my knowledge about various VPN service, and how to use them the right way.


How to Use VPN as a Beginner in a Professional Way

If you have read this post on “how to use vpn”server this far, that means you really want to be a professional VPN users. Here we will guide you on how to use VPN in a professional way.

  1. Download and install your VPN software for PC, app for Android (if its support multiple users) and restart your machine after installation
  2. Connect your PC or Android phone to you local network
  3. Make sure your network is not limited to get internet access
  4. Launch your VPN app by clicking on the icon
  5. Select your desire country and click on connect button to mask your location IP to your connected country IP.
  6. Mask you time to your IP location time
  7. How to Check the Anonymity Level of Your VPN
  8. You may want to disabled firewall

This is another important part of learning how to use VPN in a professional way. Don’t just connect to the VPN on either your Android phone or computer and start browsing. That is not bad though but it doesn’t proof you are good enough to use VPN to secure your anonymity online.

However, once you are connected to both your local network and VPN server, open a browser and visit

Whoer website will tell you the level of your anonymity and put you through what to do to ensure your online activities are fully secured.

Recommended VPN Service Provider

The number of VPN provider are numerous and uncountable. Each and everyone of the VPN’s server service provider claimed to be world best VPN ever. However, you can only tell whether this true or not if you have used one or two before.

Meanwhile, some VPN have flopped in the past and user had to ditched them out of their service. Nevertheless, below are the list of recommended VPN server you can opt in for an enjoy maximum online protection.

Best VPN in The World

Note that there is no 100% efficiency in anything man does. The same thing goes to picking the best VPN in the world. Nevertheless, below VPNs can guaranteed a minimum of 95% anonymous online with no threat of IP.

NordVPN Server

NordVPN server is one of the best VPN server in the world with only 7$/month on standard account. You will enjoy free six month NordVPN service for free when you subscribed to 6 month at a stretch.

NordVPN offers various IP location for that amount such as Canada, London, Austria, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, United State, London etc.

Note: Note that when you buy from either the NordVPN link or banner above, the company will give me a certain commission which doesn’t affect your charge.

Golden VyprVPN Server

My first subscription to VyprVPN server was 6 month at a stretch at $7/month with 7 days money back guaranteed but trust me, I don’t have any reason to take my money back from either of the VPN service provider because they offer exactly what I want.

If you have any difficulties on how to use VPN of any kind, kindly leave a comment below I will be glad to help your with it

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