How To Watch DSTV Channels Online On Android Device

Everybody want to watch DSTV channels on Android device and of course it quite obvious that one can watch different DSTV channels on Android for free. Don’t worry you will be able to watch any DSTV live on your device. Meanwhile, we discuss how to watch EPL live on Android which I believed you have tried. And here today, we are coming up with another method you can use to watch DSTV channels directly on your Android.

Firstly, let me bring to your notice that if you have an Android device and you are not utilizing the smartness of the device to watch different DSTV channels on it, then you are not a smart user at all. However, if you will so wish to explore the power of the modern technology, you may want to proceed further to learn how to watch different DSTV channels on your Android.

How To Watch DSTV Channels On Android

With the step by step procedure gathered together in this tutorial, you will be able to watch different DSTV channels on your Android devices. Some of the programs you will enjoy watching online following this tutorial include: Fox movies, Cartoon network, Live matches, BBC, CNN, WWE, etc.
Note: For you to be able to enjoy this feature on your Android, you Android OS must be at least Android 2.2 version else, it won’t work.

1. Download and install SyblaTv on your Android

2. Download and install MX Player from Google play store. I’m using the pro version of MX player, and in case you too would love to download the pro version, read how to download paid Android apps for free.

3. Launch the SymblaTV app on your Android and select your favorite channel/station under the sections (news, sport etc)

DSTV Channels

4. When you click on your desire it will prompt you to open use “…” just select the MX player you download above.

5. Wait for few seconds and you will begin to stream live match or whatever you are interested in.

DSTV live channels

One of the disadvantages of watching DSTV channels on Android is the rate at which it consume data. It consume data at the speed of light but over WiFi,you can watch live matches till eternity.

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