Huawei MediaPad T17.0 Smartphone First Hand On Review

Few days ago, I decided to lay my hand on Huawei T17.0 MediaPad and promised to share with you my first hand review on this Huawei T17.0. If you miss out the pre-post on the Huawei T17.0 you can quickly run an eye scans true it. Also, I promised to share with you how to root Huawei T17 which I have not fulfilled up till now.

The reasoning being that, to root Huawei T17.0 seems to be more complex that some other means of rooting any other Android phones and need some technical knowledge which I’m currently working on. To be frank with you guys, I have tried four different rooting app on my Huawei T17.0 but they all failed. Some of the root apps have tried on this MediaPad include Vroot, iRoot, Kingroot, SRSroot and some others.

Uggghhh, nothing is impossible but common knowledge at times saves a lot of havoc, and what comes to my mind about rooting this device is to play around the bootloader of the device and see if I can be able to root the Huawei T17.0.

And finally here today, we are discussing a firsthand review on Huawei T17, not even a single feature will be denied you our reader in this post today. Firstly, Huawei is a brand we all have to try and see the unique feature hiding in this device.

Like I said before now that, I never thought of buying this Smartphone in the first place, what was on my mind was Infinix zero 2 but for a reason of conviction I choose to go for it and for the time being, I have been playing around with this device, it has been my honourable companion so that I would be able to come up with a perfect review, including the pros and cons of the T17.0 Smartphone by great Huawei mobile company.

Huawei T17.0 Physical Appearance

Huawei T17.0 is just a 7.0-inch device, with silver like back cover and has a curvilinear round edge with mixed of good few colours. The back cover is made of silver like material covering like 75% of the battery, and the rest 25% been made up of pure white with the all round edge carrying the same colour mixture of the rest 25% left out while the device screen is coupled with black colour leaving only the screen of the device.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad1

Right on the device screen, we have the front camera which is made up of 2MP for selfie  at the upper right, close to it is the device battery charging indication light (red light indicating charging when connected to a power source) and the speaker of the device right at the centre of the top of the device screen.

Huawei front camera

At the back of the device, the primary camera is located at the top right hand side of the device and it can covers anything within the range of its configuration.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad4

Huawei T17.0 has two ports, the first for the charger which is located at the bottom of the device and the second is situated at the top of the device mainly for hand free. The device mouth piece is located closed to the charger port.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad1

This Huawei product features three non censoring buttons which are the up and down volume button and the power button. The two buttons are located close to each other at the right hand side of the device following the device slim sedge.

The Huawei MediaPad has it microSD card slot and the SIM card slot beneath the power and volume button with the SIM card being micro.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad3

Huawei T17.0 features no keypad which gives user the utility to fully control the entire screen of the device without any obstruction on the keypad button.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad

This is exactly what you will see in the physical appearance of Huawei T17.0 MediaPad Smartphone.

Huawei T17.0 Camera

The only con of Huawei comes up here. As great as the device is, the device does not possesses a LED flash light for easy capturing at night. The T17.0 device features both front and back camera respectively. With 5.0MP primary camera, I bet it, it’s better off some devices that feature 13.0MP.

Huawei Camera
Almost 150m from the source

The first I did before going for the device in the company where I bought it was that; I have to speak with the customer agent to help take a shot with the device copy they use to advertise the device and it was wooow!

I’m not a picture freak but sincerely, I have started turning into a stunning picture addict over the period of this few days of playing around with my Huawei T17.0 and every day, I fall in love with the device often.

The device front camera is at best when making video calls. For the sharpness I discovered in this device, I had to download Imo video chat and start making video call over my device instantly.

NOTE: The only con associated with Huawei T17.0 MediaPad does not go beyond the absence of LED flash light.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad Battery Life

What can you say about a mobile device that has 4100mAh? Without wasting your time thinking, Huawei T17.0 features exactly 4100mAh battery capacity and I wasn’t having so much believe in it even after I paid for the device at the store where I got it. I sincerely told the customer care agent that IF the battery performance wasn’t up to expectation, I hold the right to return it but to be candid, the device last for days if am only receiving calls.

With browsing when fully charged, the device can stand for more than 9 hours without stopping and it was wooow, what a powerful battery capacity life it possesses.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad Battery Life

But over time, I discovered that one thing that drains the device battery life is when you open apps up to 15 or 20 apps at the same time. This was one of the things I tested before drawing my conclusion about the battery life. Even when you have all these apps running, you can still use it for reasonable number of hours with the device popping up its opinion telling you which of the apps is draining your battery life.

Another amazing feature of the Huawei T17 is the power saving option which comprises of three good options which you can choose from.

 The ultra power (only keep basic call and message functions available and it will last for 48 hours)

The smart power (automatically adjust CPU and the network usage for balance performance)

The normal power (slightly adjusts CPU and network usage to maximize performance).

The con of this device is that it features a non-removable battery but you can be rest assured that with the 4100mAh battery capacity, you don’t need a spare battery.

RAM and Storage Capacity

In this 21st century where a Smartphone start having a RAM worth of 4GB might so be tempting that going for a device that has a lesser RAM might not really want to make your day. Huawei T17.0 MediaPad does not have as much as that, but with 1GB RAM possesses by this T17.0 of Huawei product with internal memory storage of 16GB, there is much to saying about the rate at which processes its data.

Huawei OS

This looks like a flop on this device but average, a device in its calibre cannot have more than this. One good thing about Huawei is that whatever you come across in terms of its specification, they are just exact (no camouflage). The device 1GB RAM is exactly that with user having access to over 900MB of the entire RAM.

With 16GB internal memory storage, the device support up to 32GB additional storage and the port is located on the side view of the device close to the SIM card slot port.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad Is Personally Recommended For Bloggers

This is an open verdict and a personal recommendation for all blogger or for those of you that intends starting your own blog and start making money without laptop. This wasn’t one of the reasons why I bought this Tablet though but it eventually serve this purpose and worth using for blogging, and that is enough to be the reason why you should lay you hand on Huawei T17.0 MediaPad and start blogging instantly.


Graciously, I tried accessing this site backend from this device and it was wow!, and exact part of this site back end is shown below. If perhaps my laptop is short of battery I can switch to my Huawei T17.0 quickly and complete my blogging assignment for the day.

Huawei T17.0 MediaPad Price in Nigeria

As at the time I got this device it actually cost N 26,000 and in fact the device worth it and it perform better than expected.

Order From Jumia or From Konga


  1. Joshua Reply

    Bro, wanna buy that phone… huawei official web says it’s 8gb rom, u say 16

    please can Confirm your internal memory size, abeg

      • bamidele Reply

        thanks for the review. Good work. I just want to know if you mediapad home screen app icons can rotate from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait when you rotate your tablet. Thanks

  2. bamidele Reply

    thanks for the review. Good work. I just want to know if you mediapad home screen app icons can rotate from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait when you rotate your tablet. Thanks

  3. bamidele Reply

    thanks for the review. Good work. I just want to know if you mediapad home screen app icons can rotate from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait when you rotate your tablet. Thanks alot

  4. George A Reply

    Pls how is the display. To me 190 PPI is just too poor for reading. What do u think?

  5. caleb otieno onginjo Reply

    Hi huawei my tablet t17.0 front camera is not functioning even after doing factory resetting it work for a while then back to darkness what can i do to correct that malfuction

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