Huawei MediaPad T17.0 Smartphone Hand On Review

I just decided to hand pick Huawei MediaPad T17.0 as one of my Huawei favourite brand this week with few thousands of naira and a firsthand review on this device will be coming up live here on our site this upcoming week.

Huawei brand aren’t just an Android phones as we all know that because of their “exactness” but a phone that you really need to lay your hand on and play around with. I got this Huawei MediaPad T17.0 device in less than 48hours now and I have started blaming myself for not getting this device before now, I really enjoyed spending my time with the device.

While waiting for the full hand review on this device next week, let me quickly share with you some of my experience so far. Huawei MediaPad T17.0 is a silver metal unibody ultra light experience device and featuring a long battery life. I thought the 4100mAh battery life was a camouflage in the first place when I read about the device online (Konga and Jumia) and even when got it, but to be frank I have spent over 24 hours using this phone without charging it and as at this time, the device is still having over 24% battery capacity which will still last for the next couple of hours according to the device battery statistic.

The 5.0MP primary camera was about getting me confused when I bought but to be frank, the sharpness of the device is the best of its kind—the 5.0MP primary camera is just as it were. This device is just 7.0 inch in size and fix right into my back pocket on my trouser as I always wanted my device to be.

The first thing I did before buying it at the store was that; I took the one used to advertised the device in the store to took a picture, but to my humble surprise, the device beats my imagination and I quickly bend for it.

The quality 3G super fast 7 phablet– of my own version was the 3G version only and I’m sincerely feeling like a man with the device portability and functionality.

The hand one review of this Huawei MediaPad T17.0  phanblet will come up few days after now when I have made myself familiar with it, but before that; some of what you will enjoy before the first hand review is that I will share with you include how to root the Huawei MediaPad T17.0  Smartphone,  and some other cool stuffs.

In case you have anything to know about this device before or after the review, you can comment below or use the contact form and your request will be responded to accordingly. PRICE: 26,000

Order From Jumia or From Konga


  1. bamidele Reply

    thanks for the review. Good work. I just want to know if you mediapad home screen app icons can rotate from portrait to landscape or landscape to portrait when you rotate your tablet. Thanks

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