Infinix Hot Hit The Mile Stone In Nigeria

Infinix hot made it one big time in Nigeria by hitting the mile stone of the top selling Smartphone in Nigeria within 6 month. The infinix hot which came in partnership with Jumia mobile store in March became the top selling mobile brand in Nigeria. The truth been revealed is that if you have laid your hand on infinix hot, surely you would believe and see that the device is indeed a blessing to an average Nigeria to dwell among the Smartphone users.

The screenshot below is a quick overview of the top selling device in Nigeria within this period with infinix hot X507 taking the lead.Inifinx Hot

According to Gesellschaft für Konsumforschung (GFK) in his study reveals that infinix hot X506 beats the imagination of other major mobile brand seller and manufacturer in terms of the number of sold items.

The partnership between Jumia mobile company and Infinix has made a History in Nigeria within short period of time and this has turn Jumia to another most checkout Nigeria online store where you can order for genuine product for an affordable price.

In the sense of mobile providing value for individual money, Infinix has really done that in Nigeria with the sales of Infinix hot X506 within this period.

Jumia Africa co-CEO, Jeremy Doutte disclosed the incredible performance of infinix  via twitter and the Smart-flexibility this device has brought to Nigerians. One could simply say that with what Infinix mobile company did, they have surely shown they have regards for their customers and can say much on what Nigerian mobile users need and what they buy in Mobile.

The country Manager of Infinix in Nigeria, Bruno Li, could not hold his breath concerning this super charging change Nigeria market brought to Infinix Hot and thus made him to express his mind;

“We hold our relationship with Jumia, who has shown great professionalism and reliability, in high esteem. Jumia is definitely in a different league, with the most effective logistical network in Nigeria. This partnership is not ending anytime soon as we are both committed to providing Nigerians with the right product, offering amazing specifications, high tech designs and good consumer experience.”

This is just the starting point between Infinx and Jumia as another Jumia-Infinix partnership is coming up by June 1st with the long awaiting Infinix Zero 2. Ready to get this device when finally brought to Nigeria this June; just stay tune with Megathon on Jumia to take part in the bigger mobile sale league ever.

This is indeed a job well-done between Jumia and Infinix company for bring Infinix hot X506 to Nigeria at the right time.

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