Infinix Zero 2 Is The Next Zero Mobility Hero

Truly, Infinix zero 2 could be your next zero mobility heroes, and then let’s see why and how!!!

With the hedge way Infinix zero had late last year across the country and Africa at large by bring down the Smartphone world to an average human has set a pace to stands against most mobile challenges with the exotic in-take from zero specification and price.

Not only that customer was pleased with Infinix zero but as well see the true colour of a midrange Smartphone and it usefulness. Earlier this year, the rumour was about Infinix zero 2 which in turns is likely going to rock the 2015 mobile world in another dimension or dimensionless.

Infinix zero 2 is just a successor to the infinix such as the X508 infinix brand with a pre-assumed so many improvements from customer’s justification. Few things that were expected to gets new revolution in the new infinix zero 2 include the following.

infinix zero 2


When it comes to design, the infinix mobility is doing it better and with the upcoming infinix zero 2, different thing might re-surface like restructuring the look of the device, and rumour says Infinix Zero 2 back cover is made of a tough material called Kevlar which makes a huge difference between infinix zero and its successor which now makes the device rough and tough when it comes to its back cover.


To some extent infinix zero camera is exclusive but something better can still be done like upgrading the primary camera to a better megapixel (13+)MP and the secondary camera to something like 5MP for a better selfie and video call most especially for the sake of Skype and BBM video chat.


How great would it be if infinix zero 2 could run the latest Lollipop Android OS? But notwithstanding, 4.4 kitkat OS is a better one with an expected RAM worth of 2GB and 32GB internal storage. I think and strongly believe that in the world were mobile now posses 4GB RAM, 1GB is a bad omen if it chooses to maintain that for its successor.


This is one of the aspects of Infinix mobile that really need attention unlike some other devices that possess a better battery mAh. With zero battery capacity 1920mAh, it gives user a very poor battery performance experience which means you will have to make your charge a second bossom friend and in a region where power supply isn’t stable, that can be frustrating indeed.

This time, I think a better battery capacity for Infinix zero 2 will as well set another gigantic pace for Infinix mobility in Nigeria and Africa at large.

With all these improvement in place, definitely the next mobile hero in mobile world as far as midrange Smartphone is concern is in the world where Infinix zero 2 stands.

And now to you; would you pop-in for the upcoming infinix zero and what would your intake be about this device when its finally landed in the country of ours?

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