Innjoo Fire Readily Available In Nigeria

Innjoo Fire Smartphone has finally arrives and you can start to buy your favourite Innjoo Fire directly from Jumia as from 1st June, 2015 after the launch of the device on 21ist May, 2015. For the fact that everything customers need to know about Innjoo Fire price and specs in Nigeria still serve as a skeleton in the cupboard, as such limited information is only available.

Innjoo Fire which is to be launched in partnership with Jumia Nigeria is bringing the exclusive Innjoo Fire with awesome features and specs into your door steps with the most affordable price ever. So many things to enjoy in this device include the Camera, RAM, battery capacity, charging rate and the Android OS. There is no doubt that Innjoo Fire will feature a RAM not less than 2 following the trend of Innjoo brand in the mobile market.

Since the full specs of Innjoo Fire is still hidden and the price inclusive, we hope to bring you latest information concerning the actual price of Innjoo Fire and the full specs once available in Nigeria and where you can buy at a very cheaper rate within the first one week of released and get your product delivered to your doorstep.

Innjoo Fire is coming in a very big way that would surprise you!!!

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