Innjoo I2s Flash (Discount) Sales On Jumia Now

Innjoo I2s is a mid-range Smartphone with 5 inch screen display and runs on the latest Android 4.4v. The Innjoo I2s which is proudly powered by 1GB and 16GB internal storage will be coming live on Jumia at a very cheap price today within the hours of 3PM to 5PM Nigeria time.

On expecting the finally release on Innjoo fire, the Dubia based Smartphone manufacturer announced their first flash sales on a big discount which is to start later in the day and it will only last for 2 hours. Big deal indeed, although the Innjoo I2s discount period is minute but you can still make it up by signing up for the deal.

Innjoo Flash Sales

Sign Up For Innjoo I2s Flash Deal Now

Jumia Nigeria e-commerce who partner with Innjoo company is hosting the flash sale deal between the hours of 3PM to 5PM, with one free power bank when you order for your own Innjoo I2s at this hours.

As slated by Jumia, the discount hour is expected to last for just 2 hours. Buying the Innjoo I2s at the slashed sales price is very simple, so you don’t have to be of doubt whether you will make it up or not.  Head to Jumia and register for Jumia special flash sale and get all the necessary info ready to make payment when the need arise.

Within the hours of 3PM to 5PM, Innjoo I2s will be available for just 26,299 with a free service delivery nationwide.

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