iPhone Recovery Mode: How To Put Your iPhone Into Recovery Mode

iPhone recovery mode safes a lot of hiccup and you need to know exactly how to put your iPhone into recovery mode before things goes wrong with your iPhone. When you iPhone started acting drama and you start thinking like how would I go about putting things together, the first step might required you to navigate into your iPhone recovery mode. For instance, when your iPhone starting freezing or perhaps just become unresponsive for reason unknown, then few things to do to bring it back to normal may requires your going into the device recovery mode.

Most often, you needed recovery mode when you upgraded to a new iOS or update to another iOS and the device just start acting by rebooting continuously or when you try to access your iPhone via iTunes and discovered that your device was not recognized.

With iPhone recovery mode, all these hiccups can be fixed up and brings back your acting iPhone to it normal state, but the single disadvantages associated with iPhone recovery mode is that it will completely wipe everything you have installed on your device. In lieu of using iPhone recovery mode, you must learn how to back up your device continuously and perhaps adapt to it.

How To Go About iPhone Recovery Mode

Note that most times when your iPhone start performing drama, you might not be able to switch it off which is the first thing to do while booting into recovery mode. However, following this procedure, you will be able to boot into iPhone recovery mode and sort things out accordingly.

Switch off your iPhone and if it does not responds to this command, press and hold home and power button simultaneously until you device screen goes black.

Hold your device home button and plug the device to your system without leaving the home button. Do not leave the home button until you discover an iTunes pop up on your system telling you that you have successfully connected to iTunes.

NOTE: At this time, your iPhone is running in recovery mode.

When the iTunes pop up informing you that your iPhone is connected to iTunes, and it says that your iPhone is in recovery mode and need to restore before you can use it again. Just click on the OK button follow by restore to begin the process.

iPhone recovery mode

Wait for a while until the restoring process finished and your iPhone should come back to normal but don’t forget that everything on it has gone and you will need to restore you backup if you have any.

How Do I Move Out Of iPhone Recovery Mode

I think you know you are already in recovery mode, and to get out of the recovery mode, there are few things you need to do.

While you are still connecting your iPhone to your computer, press and hold home and power button simultaneously you till Apple logo appears on your iPhone screen. Still hold down these said buttons until the logo disappear and re-appear again. This might take some seconds and once the logo re-appears on your iPhone, you can now release those buttons.

Still don’t disconnect your iPhone from your computer, wait until your iPhone boot to the normal screen.

With this, you should be able to boot into iPhone recovery mode and get out without any hiccups, and if for any reason this doesn’t work you might have to take your iPhone to the nearest Apple store for Apple expert to see to it.

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