How To Know If Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly Or Not?

Is your blog mobile friendly or not? Search engine is taking a drastic action against any blog or website that is not mobile friendly in their upcoming search algorithm. This will not only affect your blog user experience but it will also affect your search engine ranking.

There are many ways you can make your wordpress blog mobile friendly  for wordpress blogger and for bloggers on blogger platform, the doing is very much easy as you don’t necessarily need a plugin, most especially with the use of mobile plugins such as Mobilepress. I was just so curious on how my blog display on low-end mobile device and I stumble upon a tool that tells me how my blog look when viewed from a low-end mobile device and that is what I’m going to share with you in this post.

This post is likely to be the shortest article with limited words but the words are effective and should be taken serious otherwise, blog that is not mobile friend has the chance of been affected negatively when search engine rolls out blog mobile friendly algorithm soonest.

There are so many website you can use to check how you blog look on mobile but the best one is the one released by Google. To check your blog mobile mobility, follow the step below and you will be done in few minutes time.


Go to Google mobile friendly page and type in your blog URL, and then hit the button to check if your blog is mobile friendly or not. Checking may take a while depending on your network strength and if however your blog is not mobile friendly, necessary correction would be suggested for you to quickly execute. Do you think your blog is mobile friendly?

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