Learn Computer Programming, CSS, And HTML Before Starting A Blog

Most people don’t see reasons to learn computer programming language but they love to learn the outcome of what programmer uses programming language to invent. To live up to the demand of blogging or internet market is all about this that, you must at least rise above average when it comes to computer programming language, or CSS or HTML as a blogger. Virtually all internet users use either computer or smartphone to do one thing or the order on the internet, without caring to know the basis of what the use and when they run into coding difficult they think of whom to consult or hire to help them out in the problem.

The significance of learning programming shouldn’t be when one needs to use it but should be learnt before the need arise. I have fallen under this umbrella of those that found it extremely difficult to learn either HTML or CSS or computer programming language when I started blogging years back, probably because I built my blogging carer on what I read on the internet and up to this moment that is what I’ve been using but the need for me learn simple HTML, CSS and/or programming lies in the following point.

Reasons Why I Need To Learn Programming Language/CSS/HTML


The reasons why I need to learn computer programming language as a blogger for now are as follows.

Makes Blogging Interesting

Blogging is not just about writing and publishing quality contents only. It’s obvious that blogging can be taken as fun as some blogger conceives the blogging act but with knowledge of programming it can be taken as a career.

Thousands of bloggers outside there are programmers, they know what codes are and understood how to code their imagination into real life problem and as well provide solution to it via codes.

Makes Blogging Perfect

You can be naturally endowed on how to write a captivating post, post title etc unlike myself who learn how to write everyday but despite these, your blog design may look like that of a newbie and you may need to hire an expert to help you out in the design. With sound knowledge of CSS, you would be able to style your blog and give it a befitting design according to your mind set. Tweeting anything in your blog template would be the easiest thing to you which some have to pay for they hire an expert.

WordPress Mobile Theme

Bloggers like Adekele, the owner of Geek, Oscar frank, the owner of Oscarmini and likes built mobile template for their blog and does makes friendly on low-end device. Though, wordpress plugin like Jetpack, Mobilepress and the likes makes your blog friendly on mobile but it’s not personally customized. To be able to take your blogging career to another level, you need to learn how to do things exceptionally and avoid copying others and that can be done with understanding of how to deal with mind problems using code.

To Understand The World Better

The world is growing bigger everyday and so many things are involving every day. For this simple fact, we have all moved from low-end device to high-end device; I don’t want to carry along world best smartphone and yet don’t know what it contains, such as the operating system, Android version, meaning of the models, and its entire constituent. With understanding of computer programming language I should be able to identify all these and talk to my phone like a friend.

Programming For Fun

Programmers are the busiest dude ever seen but the happiest creature ever created because they can easily interpret what they think into real life event. The games we play are vented as a result of what the mind think, the brain interpret and as a result it’s going to be fun doing what makes you smile.

Learning programming language arise from every facet of life, most especially when seeking for job in a company that really demands the service of a programmer, but for the fact that I’m a blogger, I must become a programmer and what about you?

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