Lenovo A70-A3300 First Hand Review And Full Specs

The first hand review of Lenovo A70-A3300 come live here today and you will not be denied a single aspect of Lenovo A70-A3300 which you will have to know about, be it the positive and the negative view of the flagship Smartphone.

A close look at Lenovo A70 reveals that it has 11 ports/buttons stating from the front camera of 0.3MP for selfie and 2.00MP rear camera. At the upper left of the Smartphone, there you find the front camera very close to the speaker, at the upper right edge; you find two buttons which are the power and volume button respectively.

Lenovo A70, which is fully packed with 8GB internal storage support microSD up to 32 GB with the earphone jack and micro USB at the top of the device, and it’s proudly powered by 1.3GHz.


Things that are really flashy don’t worth attention sometimes, Lenovo A70 features only 2MP and 0.3MB rear and secondary camera respectively, but with this limited camera MP’s, it is perfectly okay for such a wonderful Smartphone. Although it does not have flash camera light as you may think and I think that is the only deficiency when it comes to its camera. The picture clarity and sharpness is another real story of Lenovo A3300 camera which I believed you will enjoyed when you lay your hands on it. With Lenovo A70 CMOS camera type, it is just a perfect one.

Selfie At Friend Wedding Ceremony
Selfie With My Little Sisiter



The 7.0-inch Lenovo A70 A3300 could be labelled another a sleeked Smartphone that makes you in vogue with the latest gadget in town. Being a tablet, it’s not meant to be perfectly feet into either of your pocket, be it back or front pocket but with Lenovo A70-A3300 pouch, you seemly look perfect in any outfit you find yourself.

Lenovo A-70 Smartphone feature 198mm height, 119.8m width, 10.46 mm depth and weight about 327g.  This Smartphone which is proudly powered MT8382 quad-core 1.3GHz makes it an average super fast Smartphone for game lover. Lenovo A70 runs on the latest Android 4.4.2 kitkat Android operating system

Power And Battery           

Mobile battery cell is another important feature that really needed to be considered before buying any Smartphone, most especially for those of us that are internet addict, chronic film addict, and perhaps game lover. With Lenovo A70-A3300 battery capacity 3500mAh, life is made easier and richer. When fully charged, it last more than 8 hours while surfing the internet and performing some funning fun stuff on it. Fully connected to internet in this sense means with the use of Whatsapps, Facebook, and Viber at the same time.

Preinstalled Apps

The Lenovo Smartphone A70 comes with some handy preinstalled apps that you will surely enjoy and would love to have on your Smartphone some of which include Accweather for weather report, Kingsoft for your mobile world document, txt rebooks for ebook reader, Norton mobile antivirus, Google Evernote, Hangout, and Google drive, to mention but few.

Any android Smartphone that lacks any of this preinstalled apps, is not yet a complete Smartphone, and all these are proudly found on Lenovo A70.

This is just our first hand review of Lenovo A70-A3300, and as such our knowledge about the workability of this Smartphone would come later after few days or weeks when we are satisfied with what it has in stocks but with what has been said about Lenovo A70 on this article, thegeekpedia is highly convinced that Lenovo A70 is indeed a Smartphone of the time for the right people like yourself.

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