LG G3 (D855) Smartphone 32GB Price And Specs

LG G3 (D855) is a stunning quad HD displays LG Android supporting 538ppi, primarily used to print high quality gallery artlook. LG G3 (D855) delivers a very vibrant and ultra-sharp image colour in 2560 x 1440 pixels. With the device zero edge to edge like screen display, the picture quality measure is quite exclusive and exclusively packaged.

The device is made up of a metallic body, fitted to the palm, featuring a classic rear key alongside a floating Arc design with the side seems thinner than expected.

LG G3 (D855) optical image stabilization reduces the image blur while taking picture and thus provides that exclusive picture like you were expecting. With LG G3 (D855) laser auto focus feature and 13MP rear camera, you will be able to take a brighter picture while in the dark. The device OIS and the rear megapixel, let you capture any live event on the go without necessarily wasting your time. The device featuring dual flash LED of it kinds create a wide gap between itself and some other high-end and low-end smart-devices.

Where To Buy LG G3 (D855) Smartphone

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LG G3 (D855

The purpose of the dual flash featuring by LG G3 (D855) is to provide a more illuminated picture that will at all time free from blurring and shaking while taking picture and when about to take picture. LG G3 (D855) does not only feature a rear camera of 13MP but as well feature a front camera for selfie image capture; the device feature an in-built flash UI for brighter and clearer selfie image.

LG G3 (D855) 1

As a matter of fact, LG G3 (D855) is a well tidy-up device which reduces too many pre-installed apps into a more compact ones by merging similar apps of like function together. Not like other devices where you cannot uninstall pre-installed apps, but on LG G3 (D855) you can easily uninstall pre-installed apps to free more space on your device.

LG G3 (D855) smartphone features an in-built storage of 32GB with an expandable microSD of 128GB powered by quad-core 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor with 3GB RAM, screen protected with Corning Gorilla glass 3 and runs on Android v4.4.2 kitkat. LG G3 (D855) has a removable, 3000mAh battery which can as well be charger via wireless. With LG G3 (D855) search voice, you can instantly start using the smartphone search voice without touch the screen and the device will instantly responds to your voice command.

LG G3 (D855) is currently available in Nigeria online store and the actual price of the device ranges from 108, 000 to 115, 000 depending on your location and the store you are ordering from.

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