Locate my Phone: How to Locate Stolen Phone Without App

Google launched “Find my phone” omnibox search feature in 2015 which I was able to use to locate my phone when I misplaced it while doing some house chore this morning. I am not a perfectionist , so at times things go out of hand that you may not remember where you keep your items, such as my beautiful Innjoo Max_2G which I had to find using Google find my phone to locate it when I misplaced it.

The simple approach most of us used to locate mobile phone when we misplaced it is not with the help of mobile locator or tracking device since it is not a stolen device. However, locating a misplaced phone without an app is quiet easy and easy to do.

There are countless number of Android apps and iPhone app than can be used to locate a cell phone when misplaced or stolen, but we are not going to consider how to use apps to locate phones or track phones since you can easily locate your phone without the help of third party app. However, here we will see how I was able to locate my phone using Google find my phone locator. See what Google said itself when they launched find my phone as part of Google omnibox search feature.

locate my phone

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Locate my Phone: How I was able to Locate My Phone

That is actually a big question if you don’t know how to easily locate a misplaced phone with internet connection without using phone locator or a phone tracking app on it. But this is quiet simple and the requirement to locate a cell phone is just a valid Gmail account that has been used before on the phone before you misplaced it.

With a valid Gmail account that has once been used on the phone with internet connection and the phone location feature enabled, you can easily find a misplaced phone. So, let quickly look at how I was able to locate my phone without app here.

1. Go to Google omnibox search and type “Find my Phone” without the quotes. You will be prompt to sign in to your Google account, just sign in.

2. Since you have your Android or iPhone phone’s location enabled, Google will try to check for your current location so as to locate the precise location of your phone using find my phone feature phone location. See how far my phone was when I was writing this tutorial in the screenshot below.

locate my phone

3. Once Google “find my phone” have successfully located your phone location, then click on RING to ring it where it is.

4. Google Android manager will put a call through to you and your phone will begin to ring. While ring, you can make an attempt to locate your phone around which was what I did.

This is a simple attempt I used to locate my phone when I placed my phone. You too can enjoy it!!!

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