How Long Does It Takes UBA Naira Master Card To Start Working Online

UBA Naira master card is as good as other Nigeria Banks master cards. As a bloggers, we indulge in many online transaction, most especially in paying fr service online. And with UBA Naira master card, you are just good to go. As a result of this, I opted in for a UBA Naira master card and after few days I got my instant card as soon as my account was fully registered and I got my beautiful ATM.

The next thing is to fulfill its purpose. Quite unfortunately, I tried to use the card on two different websites, Hostgator and Facebook for my Facebook ads but the card was not accepted. Why? I don’t know! And If I can’t use this UBA Naira master card for this transaction, then the purpose of getting the card is useless and it will amount to waste of money/resource.

I started thinking whether the card is not reliable or bad. Perhaps the account was not properly created, lol and behold, all my assumption were wrong and after few hours of ruminating, I walked into the nearest UBA branch to complain and there I found the solution to the UBA Naira master card not working instantly or few days of issuing.

What was the solution to this? Do I need to take another ATM card or what? Or is it that I can’t use UBA Naira Master card for online transaction? Well, these are my thought as well, but the solution is as simple as….. Read the next line.

The attendant I met in the bank was so sorry for the inconvenience but he made me realized that I cannot use my UBA Naira master card for online transaction not until after two weeks. Disappointing, right? Well I guess it’s for a security purpose or was because the account was new.

Next on this, I would update you whether the UBA Naira master card account actually have to be two weeks old before it can be used for online transaction or not.


  1. ANASTASIA Reply

    Good day sir. Please how long did it eventually take for the Uba card to work?

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